Worst Week - Season 1

Premieres: Monday, September 22, 2008 at 9:30 p.m. EST
Network: CBS
Creator(s): Matt Tarses
Starring: Kyle Bornheimer, Erinn Hayes, Nancy Lenehan, Kurtwood Smith
Website: CBS.com
Worst Week is a new CBS comedy series that centers on Sam Briggs, an entertainment magazine editor who really wants to impress his girlfriend’s parents. The problem is, whenever he’s around them, nothing goes right. What’s worse, now he and Melanie have to break the news to Melanie’s ultra-conservative parents that not only are they getting married, but they’re also expecting a baby.

The premise alone wasn't really selling me on this but the clips (below) have kind of turned me around a bit, plus this new series follows CBS’s hilarious comedy, How I Met Your Mother, so it’s likely that I’ll find myself watching this series premiere, which airs after HIMYM’s season premiere and Two and a Half Men.

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