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Watch Leslie Jones' Gross SNL Story About Almost Throwing Up On James Franco

The cast members of Saturday Night Live have to be ready for anything when the show goes live, and that includes being sick. Leslie Jones wasn't prepared for that when James Franco was on the show back in December, and her lack of anticipation led to an incredibly gross story which almost ended in her throwing up on Franco and some of of the cast on live television. Watch Jones tell the story, which concludes right around the 1:40 mark, on Late Night With Seth Meyers below:

Leslie Jones is a trooper for making it through that Saturday Night Live sketch without vomiting, since most people wouldn't have held strong in her situation. Unsurprisingly, not vomiting was about all Jones could do as the cast tried to keep the sketch going while she gathered all her strength to prevent from being the cast member who blew chunks on air. This included jogging in place, making very aggressive and semi-pukey sounds, and not grabbing James Franco by the throat and shouting at him for spitting fake blood into her mouth.

There's no way of proving for sure whether or not James Franco intentionally waited to spit the blood before Leslie Jones started speaking, although the smirk he had throughout the Saturday Night Live sketch is highly incriminating. Franco's not the only one who smirked though, as everyone but Jones tried their best not to fall apart and die of laughter while she suffered on stage. Jones didn't appear to be the only one suffering though, as Kate McKinnon appeared anxious at times throughout as Franco slung blood every which way. To be honest, it's a miracle the fake blood only ended up getting in Jones' mouth!

The pictures shown in the clip from Late Night With Seth Meyers are helpful in telling the story, but in no way do the sketch justice. Watching the sketch after hearing Leslie Jones' story shows all the hilarious and horrifying details just as she told them, but it's even better with context. While the whole thing is gold from start to finish, the highlight has to be when Kenan Thompson decided his co-star had suffered enough and attempted to give her an exit, to which Jones struggled to ensure everyone she's fine before she dry-heaved for the umpteenth time:

Hopefully, Leslie Jones will not have to deal with any more blood skits in the future. Unfortunately, that wasn't the first time Saturday Night Live did an excessive blood skit, so there's always a chance someone could work it back in at a later date just to screw with Jones. Let's hope not, though; Jones might be able to hold it together once, but who knows what will come out of her mouth (swears included) if she's ever in a skit with a lot of blood again!

Leslie Jones will have another chance to puke live from New York as Saturday Night Live is all-new on NBC this Saturday, January, 20 at 11:30 p.m. ET. As for Late Night With Seth Meyers, the late show airs weekdays at 11:35 p.m. ET. Those looking for some new television to watch should visit our midseason premiere guide.

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