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Arrow went into uncharted territories in Season 6 after the Season 5 finale saw the end of Oliver's five years of flashbacks. Season 6 has gone in a brand new direction on the villain front. Rather than introducing one big bad in the manner of the first five seasons, the sixth season developed a whole team of supervillains, including Black Siren, Richard Dragon, Anatoly Knyazev, Cayden James, and Vigilante. All of the bad guys have different strengths and weaknesses. Actor Echo Kellum plays Curtis Holt/Mr. Terrific on Arrow, and he recently told CinemaBlend about which of these bad guys poses the biggest threat to Team Arrow and Star City:

I definitely think Cayden James having the ability to play a lot of mental games, having the wealth of intelligence that he has. Definitely a formidable force. So it's interesting to see but all these guys have these really interesting skillsets on its own could shake the core of the team. They all bring it. But that's a really tough question. I feel like right now, though, Cayden James seems to be the person with the highest stakes to exact, vengeance or whatever type of justice or comeuppance he sees upon Star City.

According to Echo Kellum, Cayden James is the member of the supervillain team who has the potential to cause the most damage in the battle against Team Arrow. It was possible that Arrow was going to shuffle James out of the forefront after he successfully assembled the group of baddies, but Kellum's comments indicate that he'll still be in the thick of the nefarious action.

All things considered, it makes sense that Cayden James would be the biggest threat to Team Arrow, and not just because he's capable of outsmarting them at just about every turn and is perfectly willing to kill. James has some big reasons to want to take out Team Arrow. After all, these characters have close ties to the agency that imprisoned him, and his time in a black site prison knocked him off his rocker. Felicity's role in his liberation from ARGUS prison didn't stop him from targeting her and putting a plan in place that will result in her being framed for his digital crimes.

Even if Cayden James hadn't gone insane while incarcerated by ARGUS, he would have had a big reason to have issues with Team Arrow. Shortly after he was locked up, his son Owen went missing and was killed due to a sequence of events involving the Green Arrow. So, as a powerful man who lost at least some of his marbles after a stay in a black site prison, James has spent his time since leaving the clink planning ways to enact revenge on the Green Arrow, his allies, and his beloved city.

All of this said, we can definitely expect plenty of trouble from the rest of Cayden James' team of villains. In fact, there seems to be one member of the evil group with the specific skills to oppose certain members of Team Arrow. Of course, Team Arrow isn't in the best place to stand off against a team of united supervillains considering how the midseason finale ended with the newbies cutting ties with their former pals in crimefighting, leaving Original Team Arrow behind and heading off to form their own team. We'll have to see how exactly that will work in the second half of Season 6.

You can catch new episodes of Arrow on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. For more of what you can watch on the small screen, be sure to swing by our midseason TV premiere guide.

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