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Watch Triple H And More WWE Superstars Lip Syncing With Jimmy Fallon

The surprisingly influential pro-wrestling television series Monday Night Raw celebrates its 25th anniversary on January 22, and Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and WWE Superstar tag team The New Day were at The Tonight Show to promote that milestone. All were on hand to do the one thing no one expects them to do when talking about wrestling: lip-sync. Watch all of these WWE stars go head-to-head with the help of Jimmy Fallon in what might be one of the best "Lip Sync Battle" sketches to date:

Who would've thought back in the Attitude Era of WWE that Triple H would one day be on a late night talk show lip-syncing a song sung by a Disney princess? The answer is nobody, yet here we are in 2018 watching Triple H prove to America it's all about the game and how you play it. Ultimately, any embarrassment he suffered was probably well worth it. WWE now has Jimmy Fallon on the program Monday, January 22 to help celebrate its anniversary. That said, it doesn't feel like this battle on The Tonight Show was the deciding factor on whether or not Fallon appeared, but good on NBC for giving us this great moment regardless.

The episode will be Jimmy Fallon's first appearance on Monday Night Raw, which should be a treat. As for Triple H, this was the first time the wrestling superstar has lip synced on The Tonight Show, but he's appeared on the program before. NBC apparently is a fan of promoting WWE events on the late night program, as Triple H was just on the program not that long ago to put Fallon through a table in promotion of WWE's pay-per-view SummerSlam:

Based on Jimmy Fallon whipping out the stunt double for that moment above, we can speculate he won't be throwing too many clotheslines on Monday Night Raw. If he does, the odds are that his "Motown Philly" singing pals The New Day won't be there to protect him, as they're primarily wrestlers on Smackdown. Of course, special occasions can lead to some wrestlers showing up just for the night, so it's possible the three will show up with Fallon when he makes his debut just in case someone tries to start something. If something does go down, we can only hope Fallon can put on a show as good as Triple H gave on with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show!

The Tonight Show airs on NBC weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on NBC. As for Monday Night Raw, Jimmy Fallon will make the jump to USA on Monday, January 22 at 8:00 p.m. ET to celebrate 25 years since the show's beginning. Those looking to see what else will be premiering on television that day, be it new or old, can find out by heading over to our midseason premiere guide.

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