Conversations about Netflix almost always inspire references to the streaming giant's mega-popular hits like Stranger Things, The Crown and American Vandal, but those conversations can never hit upon the deep-cut splendor populating Netflix's growing library of originals. As good as the aforementioned shows are, they unfairly overshadow many other high-quality dramas, comedies, docu-series and more; sometimes to the point where excellent shows like Lady Dynamite face early cancellations. Fans need to make sure Netflix knows which shows we can't live without.

To that end, here are ten awesome Netflix originals that somehow never manage to get the appreciation and attention they deserve for one reason or another. So if you're in need of binge-ready programming that'll add laughs, thrills and mayhem to your couch-engulfed evenings, look no further. Now let's start things off with the most unfortunately under-appreciated vigilante in the MCU.

The Punisher

Jon Bernthal's Frank Castle was granted a standalone series after his highly celebrated debut in Daredevil Season 2, and it had the potential to finally do justice to the hyper-violent war hero/criminal. Justice was indeed found with showrunner Steve Lightfoot's creative team, and The Punisher instantly stood out from other MCU entries as a hyperbolic conspiracy thriller honoring Frank's military background, if not his traditional Punisher persona. Several factors hindered the show's pre-release buzz, though, from an intentionally secretive marketing to real-world mass shootings, and perhaps a later release date would have boosted reactions. Suitable reasoning aside, people should still have been singing The Punisher's praises from day one, since it's not like anyone but Netflix was going to make it.

Santa Clarita Diet

We can all agree that horror's zombie sub-genre has been exhausted, right? Even The Walking Dead has seen its once-mountainous numbers plummeting. But that doesn't mean that there aren't still diamonds in the rough out there, and the social satire Santa Clarita Diet is as shiny as hidden diamonds get. Created by Better Off Ted mastermind Victor Fresco, Santa Clarita Diet stars Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant as Sheila and Joel, married real estate agents whose lives take a distinct turn when Sheila gets killed but doesn't actually stay dead. The result is a rare mix of gore, pot humor, cringe-worthy thrills and a fresh take on the dysfunctional family unit. And we cannot wait for Season 2.

Shot in the Dark

Dan Gilroy's Nightcrawler was one of the most striking movies of 2014, shining a grimy car headlight on the world of crime journalism in Los Angeles. But that was a work of fiction, and Netflix's docu-series Shot in the Dark is an all-too-real account of what actual ambulance-chasers and other stringers do to make money off of well-timed exclusives. The results are not necessarily for the faint of heart, as the show's lead subjects are not picky about what they cover, be it deadly car accidents or medical emergencies or house fires with people trapped inside. It's understandable why people don't readily want to talk about the things people do on Shot in the Dark, but people should still readily be talking about the show itself.

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