_Spoiler alert for the Channel Zero: Butcher's Block premiere on Syfy. _

For horror fans, 2018 is already hitting a peak, with Syfy's Channel Zero: Butcher's Block giving fans a new season of disturbing thrills and kills. The third season plot involves two sisters moving to a new town and immediately discovering the dark and insanity-provoking secrets that lurk in and above the titular neighborhood. With many stellar influences guiding the tone and visuals, Butcher's Block swings for bigger and more bizarre fences than previous seasons. And as viewers saw in the season premiere, titled "Insidious Onset," there are more than a few curiosities that need addressing.

CinemaBlend recently spoke with series creator and writer Nick Antosca, and I was not hesitant about peppering him with befuddlement-infused questions about some of the episode's stranger moments and characters. Let's start off with what is arguably the most striking visual yet within the Channel Zero-verse: He Who Is Made of Meat.

What Is That Thing Living Above The Stairs?

When a TV season kicks off with a giant white staircase inexplicably popping into existence in the middle of a grassy field, with a giant meat man stepping through the door at the top, you know you're not watching an NCIS spinoff. So who was that veiny monstrosity? He's called the Meat Servant. According to Acosta:

Well, the Meat Servant is a helpful figure who will appear from time to time to the masses. And Smart Mouth, who was at the bottom of the stairs, you'll see him again.

At this point, it looks like Smart Mouth is a servant of sorts to the Meat Servant himself, possibly meant to lure people to the staircase to pique their interests and urges. Antosca obviously wasn't going to spoil everything the Meat Servant will be getting up to, so I also asked him about how that strikingly absurd meat costume came together.

Our costumer and I spent a lot of time talking to Francois [Dagenais], who also created the Tooth Child from Season 1, who was our mastermind about what that suit should look and feel like. It's a servant made out of meat products, basically, Francois puts his special touches on it. But yeah, we spent a lot of time thinking about what our meat man should look like.

The Meat Servant's final effect is something that would almost be cartoonish if it wasn't so beyond everyday realism. Like the stop-motion work of Ray Harryhausen, or the art of Mark Ryden, there's something simultaneous fascinating and unsettling about looking at it. The same goes for Smart Mouth, who reached the apex of ew while rubbing his tongue along the inside of that wall. (shivers)

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