The Firefly Universe Is Officially Expanding Once Again

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Firefly fans have begged for more content ever since the canceled show's follow up film Serenity, and now they're finally getting their wish. No, there aren't new episodes of the series on the way, but the franchise's universe is officially expanding once again thanks to a collaboration between Titan Books and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products. Beginning this fall, Firefly fans will get to experience new adventures of the show in the form of novels that will continue the story of Captain Malcolm Reynolds and the Serenity crew.

What makes these Firefly books so awesome for fans is that the novels will exist as canon in the franchise universe. Additionally, series creator Joss Whedon will serve as a consulting editor for the series of novels, which as previously noted, will arrive in bookstores at the tail end of 2018. The first book, Firefly: Big Damn Hero will launch in October 2018 and feature Captain Malcolm Reynolds in a sticky situation as he's captured by a gang of embittered Browncoats. The novel will be written by Nancy Holder, who Whedon fans may know as the author behind a lot of Buffy The Vampire Slayer novels.

After the first book's release, Titan Books has two more novels already on the slate for 2019. Firefly: The Magnificent Nine will release in March of 2019, and is written by James Lovegrove.The story will focus on Jayne receiving a distress call from his ex Temperance McCloud, which leads to danger on a desert moon. Firefly: Generations is due out in October 2019 and is written by Tim Lebbon. In that adventure, the Serenity crew discovers one of the legendary arks that brought humans to the 'Verse. The discovery of the ark brings massive salvage potential, but the cost of doing so might be too high as the Titan Books press release teased River Tam knows what's at stake. All three books are to have a hardcover release, with a paperback release to follow down the line.

No details have been released as to where exactly these new adventures will fall in the Firefly canon, which is largely based on the short-lived television series created by Joss Whedon in 2002. New books aren't as exciting as new episodes, but with members of the cast like Nathan Fillion tied down in new shows and Joss Whedon a prominent figure in major film franchises, fans shouldn't get their hopes up that a televised continuation of the series is happening anytime soon. If that revival ever does happen, at least fans can purchase these books knowing they'll be acknowledged by any Firefly series that follows!

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