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Legends of Tomorrow fans were over the moon when the Earth-X version of Wentworth Miller's popular character Leonard Snart joined the Waverider crew, but also accepted that ride will only last so long. As many know Miller announced last year he was leaving the Arrow-verse, which means Leo Snart won't be around with the Legends much longer. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim recently explained how Leo will leave the series, and indicated the character will get a seemingly happy ending:

Leo never says 'I'm staying with the team permanently.' He has said, 'I'm gonna stay until they get over their death, until they mourn the death of Stein.' And you see that happen and Leo leaves with--- he has a really good reason to leave. And he's leaving for a very, I think, positive reason. And he leaves with, I'd say, a really good piece of advice for Sara.

Leo Snart has a "good," and "positive," reason to leave Legends of Tomorrow? Things couldn't have turned around that quickly on Earth-X, right? Regardless of what specific reason Leo Snart has for leaving (or who he may leave with), Arrow-verse fans should be relieved to hear that this ending for a Leonard Snart doppelganger sounds like a happy one. Had Marc Guggenheim decided to kill off Wentworth Miller once again, Arrow-verse fans might've rioted!

Marc Guggenheim seems aware of that, which is why he told EW that Leo Snart will not receive the same type of ending his counterpart has had in the past. Specifically, Leo's run on Legends of Tomorrow won't end with the hero six feet underground as Guggenheim confirmed death is not just around the corner:

He is not dying.

Marc Guggenheim is smart not to kill off Leo Snart as actor Wentworth Miller has already indicated he could come back to the Arrow-verse in the future. At the time the actor made that statement, Miller said he would need to be convinced that it was necessary for Snart to return considering so many avenues of his character had already been explored. At the same time, he also stated he loved working in Vancouver, where most of the Arrow-verse shows film, so he may not be as hard of a sell as he initially let on. Of course, any commitment he makes largely will depend on the availability he'll have now that his other show Prison Break is confirmed to return for Season 6.

Legends of Tomorrow returns to The CW Monday, February 12 at 8:00 p.m. ET. For a look at what other shows are gearing up for a premiere or return in 2018, head on over to our midseason premiere guide.

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