Netflix is home to some great original series, and while many of the people in those shows experience grand adventures and are privy to things that viewers can only wish they had, very few of those characters have traditionally balanced romantic relationships that anyone would readily seek out in the real world. As nice as it is to see two people in love, it's always more fun when normalcy is thrown by the wayside in order to embrace chaos and drama.

In honor of Valentine's Day 2018, here are nine very "special" Netflix relationships that consistently inspired viewers to say "WTF" quietly to themselves and aloud to their TVs. For the most part, these romances aren't the envy of anyone, and we'll start things off with Netflix's very first match made in hell.

Frank & Claire - House Of Cards

It's only fitting this list would start with Netflix's first original WTF couple, as Frank & Claire Underwood really set the tone for a peak dysfunctional marriage on House of Cards. Affairs, domestic violence, murder, secrets; these two have shared it all. The Season 5 finale arguably brought the biggest betrayal of all, as Claire refused to offer Frank the Presidential pardon he wanted, which is about as cold-blooded as an American marriage can get. It goes without saying the relationship of these two is one of the more wtf-worthy entries on this list, though we won't be getting any more of it in the future.

Jake & Pam - Big Mouth

A teenage boy's love between him and his pillow is sacred, right? At least, it was in Big Mouth, and Jay banging his pillow was definitely one of the show's more WTF moments. Things only got weirder when Pam (his pillow) got pregnant. Though Jay tried to make an honest cushion out of his 40-year-old pillow by agreeing to raise their son Scorpion, despite the tiny pillow looking like his brother, it wasn't enough. Pam left Jake, knowing she couldn't have a real future with a 13-year-old boy. It was for the best, honestly, because we don't really know if we could handle much more elaborate pillow sex in Big Mouth Season 2.

James & Alyssa - The End of the F*ing World

There's a lot of WTF-ness throughout The End of the F*ing World, and most of it revolves around the burgeoning "relationship" between James and Alyssa. It's kind of hard to call it a real relationship (at first anyway), considering James only started dating Alyssa because he saw her as an easy target for him to murder in cold blood. Without getting too heavy into spoilers, the two do form an actual bond of sorts as the series progressed, but while their dynamic did change some, the level of WTF surrounding them managed to stay pretty consistent.

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