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A Seinfeld Reunion? Here's What Jerry Seinfeld Is Saying Now

19 years after the 1990s stopped being a thing, TV viewers are reconnecting with several of the shows that made the decade so memorable, by way of revivals from Will & Grace, Roseanne, Murphy Brown, Twin Peaks and many more. The holy grail of such classic TV returns would be a new season of Seinfeld, though fans have learned to push aside such hopes, with Jerry Seinfeld himself always downplaying any chances for a comeback. But now, the tides have turned somewhat, and he has offered up the most optimism-inducing revival response yet.

It's possible.

I know I won't be the first to point out that Jerry Seinfeld's answer is extremely short and inconclusive, but let's all consider that this is still easily a step in the right direction for getting a Seinfeld revival off the ground. (Or the couch, as it were.) For years, people have been asking the internationally beloved comedian about bringing the "Show About Nothing" back to audiences that have increasingly poured time and energy into an abundance of nothingness in the years since the show left the air. But until now, nothing too positive had been said.

In the past, Jerry Seinfeld's reasoning for not bringing Seinfeld back has been largely similar to the reason why he wanted to end the show in the first place. Except for the series finale, the sitcom hadn't hit any rough patches, and Seinfeld wanted to bow out while still at the top of his game. And since 1998, his reasons for not wanting to do another season have boiled down to not wanting to mess with the legacy of the endlessly quotable show by coming up with something new that might fall flat. In the Twitter Era, TV viewers can showcase some hellaciously barbed personalities, so his point is sound.

Still, that's not how he answered things whenever he appeared on The Ellen Show to promote the upcoming tenth season of his now-Netflix series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. (Ellen DeGeneres appears in one of the episodes.) When the topic of TV revivals came up, he bemusedly guessed where the conversation was headed, but then gamely urged DeGeneres to continue down that line of thought before delivering his "It's possible," answer. You'd think he'd just want to avoid answering that question, especially on a popular daytime TV talk show, if he only intended to offer up his standard half-denial. So our hopes are rekindling.

Seinfeld co-mastermind Larry David hilariously took a post-modern route to a Seinfeld reunion by staging a fake one on his HBO comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm, which legitimately seemed like the only chance fans would get to see Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer together again. But now that David has successfully brought HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm back (and will keep doing so), is it possible that Jerry Seinfeld could be inspired to formulate some new ideas for the fab four?

You can check out the interview clip below.

We'll probably still be waiting a while to hear more about Seinfeld potentially finding its way back to the small screen, but in the meantime, you can catch all the original episodes streaming on Hulu right now. And then head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what new and returning shows are on the way.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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