Few sitcoms have managed to develop a reputation and fandom quite as sterling as Seinfeld has. The show's run remains one of the greatest of all time, and it's arguable that nary a single bad episode of Seinfeld was ever produced. (Some were worse than others, of course.) Along the way, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David's uniquely cohesive collaboration introduced us to an army of iconic characters and even more genuinely fantastic conversations and one-liners.

Although it has been nearly two decades since Seinfeld went off the air at NBC, there are plenty of observations, interjections and realizations that we still repeat on a regular basis to this very day. With the show's eternally top-notch library in mind, let's dive in and discuss some of the classic Seinfeld quotes that will never leave our collective lexicon.

"That's A Shame"

What's the Context?

It has become generally accepted that Jerry Seinfeld was the show's "Even Steven" character, but his friends (or side characters) were often not quite so lucky. Whenever tragedy would befall someone in his life, Jerry would merely look on, delivering this line with seemingly minimal care or empathy.

How We Use It Today

We all want to be the lucky person in our respective friend groups, don't we? Though Seinfeld has been off the air for years, it's not uncommon to hear die-hard fans utter a dry version of "that's a shame" in the general direction of a scheme gone wrong -- especially when the perpetrator of said scheme is your very own Newman. See also: when notoriously awful famous people get in trouble.

"She Had Man-Hands"

What's the Context?

Jerry dated an impressive amount of women over the course of Seinfeld's run, but few can compare to Gillian. Despite being practically perfect, Jerry's shallowness shined through when he settled on one definitive flaw: Gillian's oddly large and masculine hands.

How We Use It Today

While we are sure that at least one of you has encountered a woman with more masculine-than-average hands at some point in your lives, the phrase has taken on a grander meaning than its initially narrow focus. In essence, "man-hands" can mean anything that someone sees wrong in a potential romantic partner. Just be warned, it has more to do with your shallowness than anything wrong with them. It's always about you.

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