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Seinfeld is one of the most popular and enduring sitcoms in television history. In fact, so many fans are still in love with the series that it's hard to believe that the infamous series finale aired almost 20 years ago. While most of the main cast members moved on to other memorable projects, they may always be best remembered for their roles on Seinfeld. Unfortunately, for a while, it was difficult to find a way to watch old episodes of Seinfeld without investing in DVD sets. Now, Sony Pictures Entertainment has made it easy for fans to put on their puffy pirate shirts and stream the entire series.

On November 13, Sony Pictures Entertainment released all nine seasons of Seinfeld on digital platforms. There are a number of options for viewers to choose from when it comes to the digital releases, and we've broken them down here.


Seinfeld has actually been available on Hulu for a while, as Hulu and Sony Pictures Television cemented a deal back in 2015 that brought the series to subscribers. The deal didn't come cheap, but Seinfeld's lasting popularity likely made it a solid investment for the streaming service, which has become a major player in the streaming game in recent years. If you're a subscriber to Hulu, you can simply log on and watch as much Seinfeld as you'd like.


Unfortunately, Seinfeld is not one of the shows available streaming to Amazon Prime subscribers, but Amazon is still an option for folks who are willing to pay for the seasons and/episodes. Individual episodes of Seinfeld can be purchased for $1.99 each in standard definition or $2.99 each for high definition. Full seasons of Seasons 3-9 will cost $11.99 each for HD, which is a pretty solid deal considering the price for individual HD episodes. The first two seasons are bundled together for a cost of $15.99


On iTunes, you have a few options for watching Seinfeld. Like Amazon, you can buy individual episodes for a cost of $1.99 in standard definition and $2.99 in high def. Full seasons on iTunes are a bit pricer on iTunes, with each costing $19.99, although Seasons 1 and 2 do come as a bundle as well. If you're in the market for the full series, iTunes has a pretty great deal. You can buy every single episode of every single season for a grand total of $79.99. That option won't be too exciting for any who are only looking for certain episodes or certain seasons, but it's a solid option for anybody looking for the full series.

Google Play

Google Play is another option. Seasons 3-9 come at a price of $19.99 each, and Seasons 1 and 2 are again bundled together for $19.99. Individual episodes are $1.99 each. If Google Play is more your speed than Hulu, Amazon, or iTunes, Google Play could be the place for you.


Unfortunately, Seinfeld is not available streaming on Netflix. You can find Jerry Seinfeld on Netflix, however, in a new comedy special as well as Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Jerry Seinfeld has already indicated that a Seinfeld return probably won't happen, so streaming is a pretty solid option for fans who need the occasional Seinfeld fix. Check out our picks for 21 Seinfeld quotes that we'll never stop repeating, and don't forget to swing by our breakdown of the Seinfeld cast then and now.

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