New Walking Dead Video Shows Negan Ordering Another Character's Death

Spoilers below for the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead Season 8.

With its midseason premiere "Honor," The Walking Dead delivered arguably its most emotionally harrowing installment yet, thanks to Carl's episode-long farewell. But while viewers were coping with all those depressing moments, a new trailer dropped for the episode "The Lost and the Plunderers," and Talking Dead delivered a brand new clip in which Negan demands a new sacrifice be taken in payment for someone's betrayal. Check it out below!

Focusing on part of a conversation between Negan and everybody's true favorite Savior, Simon, the clip shows off the uncomfortable power dynamic that exists between the two villains. When talking to anyone else, Simon would saunter around as the most powerful person in the room, but with Negan, he's wide-eyed and sat back in his chair while saying Jadis' garbage people deserve to be eliminated for double-crossing them. You'd think Simon would know better by now than to voice such an opinion.

Negan huts Simon down with his oft-spouted stance that living people are resources with no substitute in the current world, so killing them all off wouldn't be very beneficial to anyone. Instead, he commands Simon to go through with one of their signature public massacres in order to inspire Jadis' crew to re-conform to the Saviors' status quo. And Negan has to stress that he only wants one of them to die, implying he has reason to suspect Simon might still go through with his urge to kill 'em all. One might assume that Simon will play by the rules, as evidenced by his big GULP moment.

Bu-u-u-ut, this is The Walking Dead, after all, and things never go as expected when it comes to characters dying. Trailers have shown Simon and Jadis having a talk within the junkyard, as well as Jadis sitting by herself and having a big cry. Now, I wouldn't automatically expect any mournful feelings to come from the Scavengers' leader, but they will exist. And while those tears might just be for a single loss within her community, it seems more likely that her junkyard crew will suffer multiple fatalities in the near future. But how will Negan react?

The Walking Dead will possibly be putting another character on the chopping block -- the batting block? -- when next week's episode airs on AMC on Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. ET. Check out what Chandler Riggs told us about the mid-premiere's Old Rick reveal, as well as why we might not have seen the last of Carl this season. Before heading to our midseason premiere schedule to see what else is hitting primetime soon, hop to the next page to see the full trailer for "The Lost and the Plunderers."

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