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As we all know by now, TV is in the middle of a revival-palooza. Shows from days gone by like The X-Files, Roseanne and Will & Grace have all either come to modern television screens in recent years, or are preparing for their returns with many of the original actors rejoining their shows. Now, classic CBS sitcom Murphy Brown is headed back to TV, and we know who's set to reprise their roles in the newsroom comedy.

First up, we have the show's reason for being: Murphy Brown. Candice Bergen has agreed to, once again, take on the role of the hard-hitting, sharp-tongued investigative journalist whose stories and personality dominate the FYI news magazine. Murphy was a tough reporter who had a reputation for being considered one of the boys, as she'd taken down many glass ceilings during her career as a journalist. In the revival, Murphy will also be a TV anchor at what is now the FYI network.

Joe Regalbuto is also on board to reprise his part as Murphy's competitor and best friend, investigative reporter Frank Fontana. Frank was the only person she allowed to call her Murph, and she even asked him to be the father to her child when she decided she wanted to be a mother, though he ultimately decided that wouldn't be for the best. While Frank was known to be a hotshot reporter unafraid to tackle any story, he was beset with insecurities over his personal relationships and fame, and was in therapy for most of the original run of the series.

As perky anchor Corky Sherwood, Faith Ford will again be joining the news gang on the revival. Corky was a former Miss America who joined FYI while Murphy was away at the Betty Ford Clinic. She was known for being relentlessly upbeat and almost totally in the dark when it came to the vagaries of politics and world affairs. So, while other journalists often disliked her, the public adored her and she was kept on by show management for that reason, often being given fluffy celebrity or lifestyle pieces that she'd be able to better handle.

Former FYI executive producer Miles Silverberg will also be back in the fold, with actor Grant Shaud coming back to play the part he originated. Miles was another addition to the team that came while Murphy was away, and she bristled at the fact that he was a 25-year-old yuppie from the world of public television. As such, the smart but neurotic and naive newbie was frequently the butt of many of Murphy's jokes.

According to Deadline, actor Charles Kimbrough, who portrayed the strait-laced FYI veteran anchor Jim Dial for all 10 seasons, is not well enough to return full time, but there are hopes he can reprise his role in a guest starring capacity.

Murphy Brown was known for not only focusing on political satire and letting real events see discussion on the series, but for dealing with Murphy's personal life, which included her strong-willed parents and the son she decided to have alone. With the current political and cultural climate being what it is, we can, hopefully, expect the revival to be just as fresh as it was in the late '80s and 1990s.

The 13-episode revival of Murphy Brown will debut on CBS sometime in the 2018-2019 TV season, but for more on what you can watch right now, check out our midseason premiere guide, Netflix premiere guide, superhero show premiere guide and Amazon premiere guide.

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