Warning: gigantic spoilers ahead for the twelfth and thirteenth episodes of Star Wars Rebels Season 4, respectively called "Wolves and a Door" and "A World Between Worlds."

Star Wars Rebels is coming to an end sooner rather than later. Disney XD will air the final three episodes of the series as one epic block, which means that only one night of Star Wars Rebels action is left. An awful lot happened in the last two episodes before the finale event, and they set the stage for the end in some major ways. Read on for our breakdown of 5 ways Star Wars Rebels just set up the series finale and the Star Wars saga beyond!

Answered Some Big Questions

Before "Wolves and a Door" and "A World Between Worlds" aired, it was difficult to imagine how Star Wars Rebels could possibly wrap up all of its ongoing storylines in time for the final credits. Fortunately, these two episodes answered some major questions that really needed to be addressed before the end. For one thing, the reveal that the Jedi temple on Lothal is actually a pathway between all of time and space explained why the Emperor was so interested in a random planet in the Outer Rim as well as why there was a Jedi temple built there.

The presence of the pathway as a conduit to the Force also explained what drew the Ghost crew to Lothal for such a long time. Kanan established earlier in Season 4 that he and Hera had been drawn to Lothal over and over again, even before they met Ezra. Kanan's connection to Lothal and the Force pulled him back. Additionally, the pathway explained why exactly there are Force-sensitive wolves running around the countryside, traveling impossible distances within mere moments. They were connected to the temple, and Kanan's will even embodied a gigantic white wolf after his death. Pretty much all of the stories of Star Wars Rebels that were connected to the Force converged at the pathway.

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