How Star Wars Rebels May Have Revealed A Major Character's Fate

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Star Wars Rebels is in the middle of its final season, and the time has come to start worrying about the fates of the major characters who never appeared in the original Star Wars trilogy and/or Rogue One. At this point, there are only two Rebels characters who have been confirmed to survive the end of the show, and there are big reasons to worry about what's in store for the Jedi in particular. The midseason finale may have revealed what's in store for Kanan in an unexpected way: via closed captioning.

In the Season 4 midseason finale, Hera was injured and trapped in a city with Imperials closing in. Kanan decided to try and rescue her, and took off on speeder bike to find her ASAP. He was stopped on the road by one of the mysterious Loth-wolves with strong connections to the Force. In no mood to decipher Force messages while his lady love was in danger, Kanan tried to brush the wolf aside, and finally demanded to know what it wanted. The wolf said only one word: "Doom." Uh-oh.

Of course, this isn't the first time a Loth-wolf has looked straight at Kanan and spoken a word that sounds like "doom." In previous episodes, however, the wolf was actually saying "Dume" in reference to Kanan's name back before Order 66 wiped out the Jedi. Kanan revealed that he was once known as Caleb Dume, and the closed captioning confirmed that the wolf was saying "Dume." In the midseason finale, the wolf had something different to say, according to the closed captioning. Take a look:

star wars rebels loth-wolf doom

The Loth-wolf seems to be saying that doom is in store for Caleb Dume, and that does not bode well for Kanan in his mission to rescue Hera. By the end of the episode, Kanan appeared oddly at peace, despite Hera still being in danger. It was as if Kanan had some knowledge of the future and he knew how he planned to play his part in what was to come. If that's the case, Kanan may actually meet his "doom" fate in the midseason premiere.

Hera is currently in a great deal of danger, having been captured by Imperials and taken away. Kanan would absolutely give himself up to save her. His certainty at the end of the episode may have come from his intention to save Hera by giving up his own life. It wouldn't be the first time Kanan sacrificed himself for the people he loves on Lothal, and the Empire may have learned not to take Jedi alive anymore. Kanan and Ezra have escaped a lot of sticky situations.

If Imperials get their sights on Kanan, they might want to take him out a lot more than Hera. Who knows? Maybe Kanan could simply jump in front of a blaster bolt aimed at Hera. Both are in considerable danger as of the end of the midseason finale. We know that Hera is definitely surviving Rebels thanks to appearances in Rogue One and Forces of Destiny, which means that Kanan's fate is the one in question.

Star Wars Rebels has already gotten pretty dark in Season 4. The midseason finale featured the deaths of almost an entire squadron of rebel pilots, and they failed their objective to take out the TIE Defender factory. The show has been building to a major tragedy lately, and since Kanan is neither seen nor mentioned in the original Star Wars trilogy... well, the writing may be on the wall. Good old Kanan could be dying sooner rather than later. Then again, maybe the Loth-wolf means a different kind of doom for Kanan. It would still be a doom of sorts if he was somehow bound to the Force on Lothal while his loved ones could leave to continue fighting the Empire.

We'll have to wait and see. Star Wars Rebels returns for the rest of Season 4 on Disney XD in 2018. You can get a Star Wars fix ahead of time when The Last Jedi hits theaters in December, and our breakdown of all the questions answered by the Star Wars Forces of Destiny series can let you in on some Star Wars info that you may have missed. Don't forget to check out our rundown of 2017 TV cancellations as well.

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