Law And Order: SVU's Alex Cabot Is Set To Return

After 19 seasons and over 420 episodes, most TV shows wouldn't have much left in the tank to bring to fans, but Law & Order: SVU is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, the NBC drama will feature a hopefully fun (and not depressingly stressful) reunion whenever Stephanie March's Alex Cabot makes a long-awaited return later this season. Sadly, it won't be a permanent stay, but there's always the future!

Don't expect to see Alex Cabot dropping by the office immediately, though. Stephanie March will return to her old stomping grounds for an episode set to air on NBC in April. Titled "Sunk Cost Fallacy," the ep will center on the hunt for a woman and her young daughter, who were both abducted. On that search, Lt. Benson will end up crossing paths with Cabot, and though no further details were revealed, one assumes the two characters' friendship will be on full display in the episode. If she gets invested in the case, though, I'm hoping that abducted woman and daughter end up safe, since their deaths would kind of taint any happy feelings geared towards Cabot's return.

SVU fans haven't seen Stephanie March in the courthouse since her limited return in Season 13, where Cabot and Diane Neal's Casey Novak returned to the show to fill the void left by exiting star Christopher Meloni. Cabot's impending return won't even be as long as that one was, though hopefully the one-off episode will rekindle some feelings that make March want something more permanent to happen.

And it certainly sounds like Law & Order: SVU would open its doors wide if Stephanie March wanted to return in full. Here's a statement from showrunner and executive producer Michael Chernuchin.

It is a thrill to welcome Stephanie back to the SVU family, even for a short visit. She is, and will always be, part of SVU's DNA.

Law & Order: SVU has already featured a handful of shocking and/or celebratory moments in the handful of episodes it has aired in 2018. Not only have we seen episodes inspired by Harvey Weinstein's scandals and InfoWars' controversies, but longtime fans welcomed back Sam Waterston's Jack McCoy. There was a noteworthy swap in ADAs when Philip Winchester's Chicago Justice character Peter Stone joined SVU as a regular, while Raul Esparza's Rafael Barba made his big exit. Plus, Benson's ex Cassidy made his second Season 19 appearance recently.

We'll be waiting until April to see Stephanie March return as Alex Cabot, but you can catch Law & Order: SVU every Wednesday night on NBC at 9:00 p.m. ET. To see what other shows are hitting the small screen in the meantime, head to our midseason premiere schedule.

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