Norm Macdonald Has A New Netflix Show With An A+ Title

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Norm Macdonald has worn many hats throughout his career (some literal), and now he's popping on yet another as he becomes the latest celebrity to get a Netflix series. In addition to being a series that all fans of Macdonald's work should appreciate, the title of the series is just A+ material in terms of his humor. Get ready for fun with celebrities and a look at Norm's life, as Norm Macdonald has a Show gears up for a Netflix release.

Fans of Norm Macdonald who enjoy the comic's web series Norm Macdonald Live are in luck as Norm Macdonald has a Show sounds quite similar. The series will feature Macdonald and sidekick Adam Eget interviewing one celebrity guest per episode about jokes, their life, and whatever else pops in Macdonald's head at the time. Additionally, the series will also give viewers a look behind-the-scenes at Macdonald's life, which is bound to have some hilarity in it. Netflix hasn't announced a release date for the series but mentioned the show has been given an order of 10 episodes. Fans might also notice that Norm Macdonald has wiped his YouTube page of all episodes of Norm Macdonald Live which could mean they're making the jump over with the new show, although Netflix gave no indication that episodes from that series would appear on its platform.

Norm Macdonald will executive produce in addition to hosting Norm Macdonald has a Show, and will share showrunner responsibilities with Lori Jo Hoekstra. Hoekstra has collaborated with Macdonald on Norm, Sports Show With Norm Macdonald, Norm Macdonald Live, and various stand-up specials for the comedian so its safe to say he doesn't mind sharing control of the show's direction with her. Another interesting addition to the behind-the-scenes team is David Letterman, who is on the crew as a location scout. Letterman got a shoutout in Macdonald's reveal of the series on Twitter, in a conversation he claimed went down with Netflix top brass Ted Sarandos.

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Norm Macdonald had hinted prior to the official announcement of Norm Macdonald has a Show that he'd get a TV talk show a couple sooner rather than later. Macdonald noted in a Reddit AMA that a television deal was the endgame in hosting Norm Macdonald Live, and it looks like Netflix took the bait and is ready to unleash him on its followers worldwide. Whether or not giving Norm Mcdonald worldwide exposure will be a good thing remains to be seen.

Norm Macdonald has a Show is headed to Netflix, but no release date has been given at this time. For some information on television shows that will be making a premiere soon, head on over to our midseason premiere guide. For some more Norm, check out what he had to say about the current state of Saturday Night Live a while back.

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