Watch David Letterman Get Interviewed By Norm Macdonald For A Change

David Letterman was a big name on the small screen for decades thanks to his role as host of Late Night with David Letterman on NBC and Late Show on CBS. He made a name for himself interviewing celebrities, and not always being especially nice to them. Comedian and actor Norm Macdonald appeared relatively frequently on Late Night. Letterman and Macdonald's roles were reversed when Letterman dropped by Norm Macdonald Live to get interviewed by Macdonald. Check the role reversal out!

It looks like Norm Macdonald was set on being the interviewer rather than the interviewee! David Letterman did manage to get a few questions in. Sill, Macdonald remained firmly in the host chair. Without seeing the whole conversation that will presumably air when Norm Macdonald Live returns for Season 3 on July 25, we can't say what led to this particular exchange, but it resulted in Letterman saying some very nice things about Macdonald while also making it clear that he doesn't really want to do another version of Late Night. Letterman even encouraged Macdonald to seize more opportunities because he is one of the most entertaining people in showbiz, which actually echoes Letterman's statement back in March that Macdonald is one of the three funniest comedians today.

Norm Macdonald and David Letterman have shared the small screen with each other a number of times in years passed. Macdonald appeared on Letterman's late night shows no fewer than 12 times. In fact, Macdonald appeared on Late Night way back in 1990 to do standup comedy. The two men have a long history in comedy together, and it's nice to see them together on screen again even after Letterman left the late night sphere.

This wasn't even the first time that Norm Macdonald found himself getting emotional while working with David Letterman. Macdonald was the second guest on Letterman's very last episode of Late Show in 2015. While he delivered most of his standup routine with plenty of laughs, Macdonald got a little choked up by the end after he revealed that he was inspired by Letterman's standup when he was just a 13-year-old boy. Take a look!

You can catch new episodes of Norm Macdonald Live every week on YouTube and Amazon when it returns for a third season on July 25. Take a gander at our summer TV guide and our Netflix premiere schedule to discover your other streaming options, and swing by our breakdown of all the biggest and most exciting reboots and revivals that are currently in the works for the small screen.

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