The Librarians Cancelled After Four Seasons On TNT, But There's Hope

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Just a little over a month after The Librarians aired its Season 4 finale, the series has been canceled by TNT. For now, the series stands at 42 episodes, but it could go beyond that if Dean Devlin, an executive producer and occasional director of the series, has anything to say about it. Devlin took to social media to inform fans of TNT's decision and that he is already looking to find the series a new home:

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Dean Devlin is already hard at work on trying to get The Librarians back for Season 5, and has begun polling fans on Twitter on whether or not they'd pay for a streaming platform that picked up the series. More likely than not, Devlin is compiling that information to take to outlets like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or any other streaming service looking to grow its platform with avid fans of The Librarians. As it stands, Devlin's poll has 50% of fans saying they'd subscribe to a service that carried new episodes of the series, with a little over 5,600 people voting on the poll.

The odds of a streaming service or other television network picking up The Librarians for another season are unknown, but it stands a better chance than other canceled shows for a few key reasons. The series has been well received by critics and audiences throughout its run, and even the numbers for its lowest viewed episode to date still pulled in 1.25 million viewers. Those aren't amazing numbers, granted, but other networks that fans have suggested pursue the series like Syfy are granting renewals to shows like The Expanse for far less.

Cancellation may be the biggest problem The Librarians faces at the moment, but it's not the only one. Noah Wyle, who played Flynn on the series, just joined a CBS pilot project shortly before the series was canceled. Should that project go to series, his availability to appear on the show will surely decrease. While Wyle is technically a recurring character in The Librarians, he pops up quite a bit. Filming a new season around Wyle and projects he might have could be difficult, but developer of the series John Rogers seems confident Dean Devlin will find a way to bring back the series no matter what:

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The Librarians is no longer on TNT, but Seasons 1-3 can be watched right now on Hulu. For a list of shows that are set to premiere in 2018, head on over to our midseason premiere guide.

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