Sterling K. Brown Is A Perfect Ben Carson In Hilarious SNL This Is Us Parody

Many could've assumed Saturday Night Live would poke fun at This Is Us when Sterling K. Brown came to host the series, although who would've thought the sketch comedy would find a way to work politics into something like that as well? SNL does a lot of political parody nowadays, so probably a fair few, but that doesn't make this parody any less brilliant. Brown whipped out a perfect Ben Carson impression that could make even the most uptight person shed a tear, albeit a tear that would be shed from laughter as this sketch is hilarious:

Sterling K. Brown has proven once again he's just as good at making audiences laugh as much as he can make them cry with a Ben Carson impression that stands to be the best celebrity impression Saturday Night Live has presented to date. Granted, the goatee is a little fuller than the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, but the peppered hair, glasses, and eye squint is spot on. Take that, and the fact that SNL managed to get the actual narrator for This Is Us promos to do the bit, and this sketch just might be one of the best ones of Season 43!

Sterling K. Brown's got the facial cues and look of Ben Carson down pat in this sketch, but it's the voice that really sends this impression over the top. Brown might be laying on the nasal-ly nature of Carson's voice a bit thick mainly because Saturday Night Live is a comedy program, but it's really a close call whether or not Brown's exaggerating or engaging in full on mimicry when listening to Carson actually speak:

Unfortunately, Secretary Ben Carson isn't as vocal of a Twitter user as the President is, so it might take a while to get his opinion on the Saturday Night Live sketch. Sterling K. Brown's impression was definitely a more accurate representation than the one Jay Pharoah attempted back in 2015, so perhaps Carson will find some humor in just how well Brown imitated him. Of course, he probably won't care much for the parts that make it sound as though he's incompetent at doing his job, so if Carson does have negative commentary regarding his representation, it'll most likely be linked to that.

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