Fear The Walking Dead's Ofelia Gets A Last Laugh In Exclusive Season 3 Deleted Scene

In its third outing, Fear the Walking Dead delivered the best episodes of its run so far, utilizing social tensions in its segregation-minded central setting. One late-game episode, "This Land is Your Land," went heavy on claustrophobic feelings by pitting many of its characters in tight situations without easy manners of escape. In the exclusive deleted scene below, which can be found on the Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Blu-rays and DVDs (out on Tuesday, March 13), you can watch one of Ofelia's final scenes, where she gets to have a sad and final laugh with Crazy Dog.

As fans will probably remember, "This Land is Your Land" was one of the most intense episodes of the season. Alicia and many of the Ranch's survivors were trapped inside an underground pantry slowly running out of air, leading to some of the show's darkest moments yet, as both voluntary and involuntary sacrifices had to be made. (Not to mention Nick and Troy's hectic helicopter situation.) But for all the havoc that everyone else went through, I'm the least jealous of Mercedes Mason's Ofelia and Justin Rain's Crazy Dog, who both took to crawling through the too-tight-for-my-hips air vents in order to find and fix the blockage problem.

Good on Ofelia, though, because even in the midst of losing her breath and having an extremely hard time crawling along, she still managed to land a joke. Granted, poking fun at Crazy Dog's pessimism wasn't worthy of a Netflix stand-up special, but it was a brief moment of levity removed from an episode that had little of it. And when you take into account that Ofelia had this chuckle in the episode before she was killed off moments before being able to properly reunite with her father Daniel, then it makes the unused scene all the more meaningful. To make up for it, though, she and Crazy Dog did get to send the Ranch sky high by blowing up the fuel reserves, which is way more fun than crawling through air vents, jokes or no jokes.

To be expected from AMC's zombified home releases, the Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Blu-rays will come with a selection of special features that will take viewers deeper into the border-crossing mayhem. Fans will get to listen to a selection of episodic audio commentaries from members of the cast and crew -- so get ready for some wild stories -- and as hinted at by the above, extended and deleted scenes will also be part of the disc-driven fun. Be sure to pick it up on Tuesday, March 13, at a retailer near you.

Fear the Walking Dead is set to kick off its highly anticipated fourth season on Sunday, April 15, at 10:00 p.m. ET. Check out some pics of the new characters, and read up on why Lennie James chose to make the big crossover jump. If you're wondering what else is hitting the small screen soon, head to the midseason premiere schedule.

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