The Big Bang Theory Just Cast Sheldon's Brother George

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On The Big Bang Theory, the best guest stars are almost always going to be playing the main characters' family members. From Laurie Metcalf's Mary Cooper to Judd Hirsch's Alfred Hofstadter to Keith Carradine's Wyatt, the show excels at casting these important, if temporary, roles. Now, The Big Bang Theory has landed a solid choice to play the adult version of Sheldon's brother George Cooper, Jr., and fans can expect to see Sliders and Jerry Maguire vet Jerry O'Connell potentially denying Sheldon access to pillow forts in the Season 11 finale.

If Sheldon's brother is coming to visit, then you know big things are happening, and George will indeed be on hand to watch his brother walk down the aisle to marry longtime love Amy. Not always affectionately nicknamed Georgie in Young Sheldon (in which Montana Jordan fills the role), the oldest Cooper sibling was often referred to in disparaging ways on The Big Bang Theory over the years, and as we've seen in the spinoff, George can be both jealous and totally put off by Sheldon's brains. Which means his arrival for Sheldon and Amy's wedding likely won't be the most wholly peaceful display of affection between the brothers.

But at least someone will be around to keep everyone in order, as it was also revealed Laurie Metcalf will be returning for the season finale wedding. Is there a world in which Mary Cooper would not be there to witness her son in all his matrimonial glory? One should hope not.

Jerry O'Connell's exciting casting was announced during the PayleyFest panel for The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon (via TVLine), and it was the same with Metcalf's return. Unfortunately, those were the only two character appearances revealed, even though Sheldon and Amy's wedding is bound to be a star-studded affair. There was no word on June Squibb coming back as Meemaw (which definitely needs to happen), and nor was there mention of Courtney Henggeler returning as Sheldon's sister Missy.

TV fans have seen Jerry O'Connell all over the place in the past few years. He's popped up on everything from Scream Queens to Mistresses to Billions to Drunk History, to name a few, and he's also got the new Castle-esque drama Carter on the way. We're pretty sure Sheldon would think O'Connell is pretty cool, too, since he's voiced Superman in a trio of animated Justice League flicks, as well as voicing The Atom on Cartoon Network's _Justice League Action. _

In its freshman season, Young Sheldon has already given Big Bang Theory fans a host of insights and reveals into Sheldon's youth, offering explanations for many of the adult quirks he's shown over the years. We'll hopefully get to see the flip side here, with some of Young Sheldon's original moments between Sheldon and George being set up for a payoff on Big Bang. And if not, we'll still have fun watching Jerry O'Connell be the most dapper dan at this weeding.

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursday nights on CBS at 8:00 p.m. The season finale doesn't yet have an airdate, but expect to meet up with Georgie, er, George at some point this May. In the meantime, head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what other new and returning shows are on the way.

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