When Sheldon's Mother Will Return To The Big Bang Theory

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Between appearing in Lady Bird, her upcoming guest role on Supergirl, and theRoseanne revival, Laurie Metcalf has been very busy as of late. Considering how much she's juggling, it wouldn't be all that surprising if her recurring appearances as Sheldon Cooper's mother on The Big Bang Theory gradually started becoming less frequent than they already are. Fortunately, her schedule doesn't seem to be getting in the way, and Metcalf has confirmed she will soon reprise her role in the series:

I generally do one or two episodes a year. I just shot one!

It looks like 2018 will be when fans of The Big Bang Theory will see Laurie Metcalf next reprise her role as Mary Cooper. Specifically, it has been noted that Metcalf will return in the episode "The Solo Oscillation," which is due to air Thursday, January 11 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Metcalf last appeared in the Season 11 premiere, which makes her statement to EW about doing one to two episodes a year accurate.

What Laurie Metcalf will be up to in theBig Bang Theory episode remains to be seen. The synopsis doesn't appear to feature her character heavily, so its possible this appearance could be a phone call or something of that sort. Given Metcalf's statement about her involvement, it's possible she could've been on set to film the episode featuring Sheldon and Amy's wedding, and this upcoming performance could've been something filmed quickly the same day.

But that's just taking Laurie Metcalf at her word, and its possible she wasn't speaking literally when referring to how many times she'll appear in this season. That said, Metcalf was spot on and has never appeared in a season of The Big Bang Theory beyond 2 episodes. Considering how busy she might be with press related to Lady Bird and Roseanne in 2018, it's a good thing the sitcom was able to snag her before things really started to pick up.

The Big Bang Theory returns to CBS with new episodes and Laurie Metcalf Thursday, January 4 at 8:00 p.m. ET. For a look at when other shows will return or premiere in 2018, head on over to our midseason premiere guide. Those still curious as to what's coming to television in the final days of 2017 can visit our fall premiere guide. Anyone wondering why their show isn't featured on either list might find an answer as to why when heading over to our cancellation guide.

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