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The Rain Trailer: Netflix's Post-Apocalyptic Teen Thriller Looks Extremely Stressful, In A Good Way

Post-apocalyptic shows feel like a dime a dozen now, and its pretty hard to present a scenario to a viewing audience that they haven't seen before. So, leave it to Netflix to provide a trailer for a bad ass looking teen thriller in which rainfall, of all things, is the enemy. The Rain looks extremely stressful, but in a good way, as kids look to survive more than wet socks and messy hair when a storm approaches:

Who would've thought at the start of 2018 that the tagline for one of the year's most action-packed looking shows to date would be "Stay dry, stay alive"? The trailer for The Rain shows teens fighting to survive in a world where a rainy day is definitely more than just a first-world problem. In fact, it looks like flat out devastation when the scenes surrounding these kids show a world that's been absent of most human life for quite a while. Additionally, that blink-and-you-miss-it shot of numerous dead bodies laid out on a sandy beach is more than enough to show this series is headed into some incredibly dark territory as it gears up for its premiere on Wednesday, May 4.

The Rain is definitely wet with action and disturbing imagery, but there's also a fair amount of teen drama coming in this series as well. These teen survivors will navigate an all but abandoned Scandinavia while also navigating feelings of love, jealousy, and all the other typical feelings teenagers tend to feel in excess. As one might imagine, this will probably lead to some rash decisions that level-headed people wouldn't make in life-or-death situations, which is bad for the fictional survivors but could ultimately make for some great television!

The Rain's central characters are two Danish siblings who emerge safely from their bunker nearly six years following a brutal virus wiping out nearly all of Scandinavia. That virus is carried by the rain, hence the title of the series, as well as why everyone is freaking out and trying their hardest to stay dry. The series will be the first original Danish series for Netflix and hails from creator Jannik Tai Mosholt. Neither Mosholt nor the cast of this series features any names that would immediately stick out to American audiences, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The fact that the series is dubbed will definitely make up for the lack of American-known actors to most potential viewers stateside, and even if it wasn't dubbed, shows like Dark managed to do just fine without dubs or familiar actors.

The Rain is set to premiere on Netflix Wednesday, May 4. For a look at some other things that will be headed to Netflix in the near future, visit our Netflix premiere guide. Those wishing to see what's coming to television in the near future, in general, can find out with our midseason premiere guide.

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