3 Percent Renewed For Season 2 By Netflix


For more than a year now, Netflix has been creating a bunch of original programs in different genres and formats. A lot of these programs have been created to reach the core American audience, but as Netflix has expanded into numerous countries worldwide, the subscription streaming service has branched out to create original dramas that appeal to a much wider array of audiences. One of these, the Brazilian thriller 3%, just earned some really great news. The Pedro Aguilera created program has been renewed for Season 2.

The news broke in recent days at the Sau Paulo Comic Con Experience called CCXP. During a panel at the event, Netflix VP of Marketing Latin America Vini Losacco announced the Season 2 renewal in front of the cast, per Omelete. Currently no release date has been announced for the second season of the drama, which first hit the schedule on November 25. We'll let you know as soon as more details regarding Season 2 come out.

The series is the second Netflix drama that has been produced out of Latin America. It's a dystopian story about a bunch of young adults competing in a brutal competition that would enable them to join the better part of society, who live in a place called the Offshore. Reception for the new series has been pretty positive, so the renewal makes sense.

Netflix isn't particularly fond of cancelling shows after just one season. In fact, the subscription streaming service isn't really excited about cancelling most shows. A few of Netflix's programs have been given the 'ol axe over the years, including Bloodline and Longmire, but for the most part Netflix shows have been getting renewed pretty regularly. As these shows age, that is likely to change but for now it's pretty good news for Netflix subscribers, and it's pretty good news for television fans around the world.

Branching out into foreign countries is always a risk. Creating content requires a significant investment, and without a proven track record, most companies are unwilling to chance it. Obviously, Netflix was willing to gamble, and it's nice to see the 3% worked out so well. Now observers will just have to wait and see whether the subscription service will double down and give Latin American viewers even more content or if they'll be satisfied with having a proven winner and assume it will be enough to keep customers paying their monthly fees.

Over the past few years, Netflix has been eyeing many new markets in an effort to expand its reach. There has been some talk about making a big splash in China. Most likely, that means the company will continue taking financial risks in foreign markets, as it did with 3%, but we'll just have to wait and see to know for sure. To find out what Netflix has coming in 2017, check out our premiere schedule.

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