Legion Finally Explained That Season 1 Cliffhanger, And Now Things Make Even Less Sense

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Season 2 premiere of Legion. Read at your own risk!

Legion's Season 2 premiere was full of weirdness, trippy imagery, and some sick dance moves. While most of it didn't make sense, the show did answer one pretty big question that fans have been dying to know since the end of Season 1. In the episode's final moments, viewers got to experience what happened to David after he found himself trapped in the orb, although the reveal definitely created more questions than it answered. After beating on the orb's glass window, David turned around to be greeted by Syd, and now things make even less sense.

David was just with Syd on the balcony, so how was it she was now with him inside of the orb? After a quick game of charades, David learned that the Syd he saw before him was from the future and she had special instructions that David needed to follow. Apparently, David must find the physical body of The Shadow King, Amahl Farouk, but not to destroy it and the evil mutant's chances of reaching his full power. Instead, future Syd indicated that David must help the Shadow King find his body, which sounds like absolute madness.

Even crazier than that, David appears to be going along with the plan. The Legion writers spent the entire premiere convincing the audience that David legitimately had no full recollection of what happened in the year he's been gone, only for it to be revealed he's intentionally keeping his actions in the past year a secret from Division 3 and the Summerland group. David apparently had no luck finding Farouk's body on his own, and now has decided it's time to join back up with his old friends and enemies to track down Farouk's body, but why?

It appears as though David is going along with this because he trusts future Syd, although Legion fans know there's a strong possibility that isn't actually the future Syd. A scene within David's mind showed the "delusion" monster creeping around David's subconscious, which means the Shadow King still has a small hold inside of David's mind. David appeared to be aware of this earlier in the episode as he admitted as much to Admiral Fukuyama and his bizarre robots, but did he underestimate just how strong the Shadow King's presence is? Given the two's past history, it would not be all that surprising to learn this whole future Syd moment was a sham and that Farouk is manipulating David into giving him what he wants. If that were true though, how does that high-tech orb play into all this?

The orb seems to be the strongest evidence that David did indeed speak to a future version of Syd in the Legion Season 2 premiere, as there wasn't any other tech like it used in Season 1. That said, Season 2 already has bizarre robots and some cutting-edge tech that looks similar, so maybe Division 3 is tricking David into helping them? That might be a bit of a reach, although with this show, nothing ever seems too far out of the realm of possibility.

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