How Fixer Upper's Chip Gaines Celebrated The Show's Final Episode

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HGTV's Fixer Upper aired its final episode recently, thus bringing an end to the home renovation series that took America by shaplapped storm. It was an emotional moment for fans and apparently co-host Chip Gaines as well. The patriarch of the Gaines family live-tweeted along with the show's (potential series) finale and also shared some behind-the-scenes photos from when the episode was filmed. In a very special "final demo day" photo, Chip photographed all of his and wife Joanna's children as they posed next to their personally demolished bits of wall.

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The family that demolishes things together, stays together. Chip Gaines tweeted throughout the show's finale, adding bits of bonus commentary to Fixer Upper's final episode. The tweets mostly consisted of shoutouts to folks who helped the Gaines out over the years, and in the finale itself. But fans gobbled it up all the same, and each tweet was littered with likes and replies from fans thanking the Gaines family for all their hard work throughout the years. Perhaps surprisingly, most of the attention directed at the Gaines family was pretty wholesome and loving, which can often be a rare feat for Twitter.

Once Fixer Upper had come to an end -- the Gaines are currently not set to return for Season 6, though that could always change -- Chip Gaines had a special message for the Twitter folks that were following him during the episode, thanking everyone for their support, and reminding fans that Waco, Texas is just around the corner, relatively speaking.

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Of course, with rumors swirling that the largely private couple is already plotting their next big move, perhaps folks should hold off on plotting Waco vacations too quickly. While Chip Gaines brought more finality in his Fixer Upper goodbye, Joanna was quick to assure fans there will still be plenty of ways to keep up with the Gaines family, even if they're off television for a bit. Both her new cookbook and design book are on their way to retailers soon, and the couple's first restaurant, Magnolia Table, is officially open for business. Fans might be saying goodbye to the Gaines family on HGTV, but it's looking very possible they're just witnessing the beginning of a larger Gaines empire!

Even if the wholesome duo is well on its way to becoming the next mega corporation, it's just fine to be sad that Fixer Upper is going away. Some fans were having trouble coping with that sadness as the finale wrapped, and Joanna Gaines had a chuckle at one of the more tweets she saw scroll across her feed:

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Fixer Upper is done on television for now, but repeats will surely still run on HGTV for years, and it can also be binged on Hulu. For information regarding upcoming television shows, head on over to our midseason premiere guide and summer premiere guide.

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