The Walking Dead's Eugene Is Finally Becoming A Proper Villain

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Warning: major spoilers ahead for Episode 15 of The Walking Dead Season 8, called "Worth."

The Walking Dead has gone in some wildly different directions with Eugene over the years, but the show never really seemed to 100% settle on his loyalties. He has always tended to side with the most powerful person in his orbit least likely to kill him. Whether that was Abraham or Rick or Negan, Eugene always had a pretty weak will. He's been on the side of the bad guys ever since Negan swayed his loyalties, and the creature comforts of life among the Saviors appealed to him. In the aftermath of "Worth," however, it's safe to say that Eugene finally has the motivation to become a proper villain.

Admittedly, Eugene was already being pretty insufferable in the beginning of "Worth" as he directed his underlings in the making of bullets and macaroni and cheese. He's undeniably the master of bullet-making in the zombie apocalypse, but I wouldn't say the same of his cooking skills. The macaroni and cheese he loves so much was such a mess that it managed to be both soupy and lumpy, AND he declared to all his underlings that hideous mac and cheese was all they'd be eating for the foreseeable future. If that wasn't a sign of a true villainous streak that runs deep, I don't what is. I've seen many gross things on The Walking Dead, and that mac and cheese may rank as one of the grossest. What monster forces that kind of meal on other people?!

In all seriousness, another sign that his power had gone to his head was how he went off on poor sick Gabriel, who was making faulty bullets because he didn't to help Negan kill Rick and Co. Eugene threw Gabriel off the line and told him not to cry too loud. The tables turned when Eugene headed outside with a pair of protectors, who were swiftly killed by Daryl and Rosita. They kidnapped him to force him to make bullets for their side. Eugene didn't exactly endear himself to Daryl and Rosita on the way, and Daryl was about one more word away from just going ahead and killing Eugene. Even Rosita's restraint had limits.

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Eugene was saved when a herd of zombies overtook them. Daryl had to run into the fray to take zombies out, leaving Rosita to watch Eugene. Thinking quickly, Eugene stuck his fingers down his throat, vomited all over Rosita, and ran off. Rosita and Daryl gave chase, but he was nowhere to be found, although Rosita was irritated enough that she mentioned that maybe they should just go ahead and kill Eugene when they get a chance. Then, Eugene crawled out from under the ashes of a burnt-out area, pissed off and ready to strike back.

When he arrived back at his bullet-making outpost, Eugene declared that he and the Saviors would work double-time to produce all the bullets Negan wants, and for once, he wasn't waffling or wavering. Eugene wants bullets made for Rick and Co. to die horrible deaths, and he even told Gabriel to either start helping or "cry and die."

Personally, I'm now hoping that Eugene dies after a mutiny at his outpost. Gabriel doesn't even have to be a major part of it; Eugene is being awful enough without a badass streak that he doesn't have what it takes to scare minions into submission, and surely none of the people working under him could be blamed if they decided to murder him rather than continue eating his soupy mac and cheese. Sign me up for a mutiny!

Of course, Negan is already down a couple of men, so he may be inclined to do whatever is necessary to keep things in order at Eugene's outpost. He finally caught on to Dwight and even managed to use his loyalties to Rick to set a trap for the people at Hilltop, and he just went ahead and killed Simon for plotting against him. Steven Ogg, who plays -- well, played -- Simon, spoke with CinemaBlend about the most painful part of filming the climactic fight with Negan

We'll have to wait and see. The Season 8 finale of The Walking Dead will air on Sunday, April 15 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC, to be immediately followed by the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 with none other than Morgan on board. For more important dates, take a look at our breakdown of TV finale dates. For more of what you need to know for now and the coming weeks, swing by our midseason TV premiere guide and our summer TV premiere schedule.

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