How Legends Of Tomorrow Is Using Mallus To Set Up An Even Crazier Season 4

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Legends of Tomorrow's penultimate episode showed Mallus brought to full power, and the Legends have quite the task ahead of them to defeat their enemy once and for all in the Season 3 finale. The demonic entity has put a crazy twist on the show's tone in Season 3, and co-showrunner Phil Klemmer said they'll be using the villain to set up an even crazier Season 4. Klemmer said that as unique as Mallus is as a villain, he's really just the "tip of the iceberg," of what's in store for the Legends:

He is a sort of bellwether of bad guys to come in Season 4. Up until this point, we've been dealing with earthly and historical bad guys, and we certainly had fun with all of that, but this year we dabbled in the world of the occult, through Damien Darhk and his enterprises. But you know that Constantine is coming onto the show next season, so we want to go deeper, we want Mallus to be used as 'the tip of the iceberg.' He is not human, and we want to start playing with the idea that Earth hasn't always belonged just to our kind. We want to get into the world of fantastic myths and monsters a bit more. It's kind of presumptuous for anybody to think they have ownership of this Earth or any part of it. Not to get deep into immigration metaphors, but Mallus is an ancient evil, he doesn't understand humans and doesn't understand why we have any claim to controlling this world of ours.

Mallus is an intimidating demon and formidable villain to be sure, but he's just the start of Legends of Tomorrow's fantastical villains. Constantine will be a full-fledged member of the Waverider in Season 4, so it's only fitting the show makes full use of his presence by bringing various hellspawn to Earth to reek havoc and cause problems for the Legends. Phil Klemmer told TVLine Mallus will begin to introduce a story-arc outside the realm of human bad guys, and in the new season, the show will explore the idea that the Earth didn't always belong to humans.

Phil Klemmer said Mallus was the "tip of the iceberg," when it came to future Legends of Tomorrow foes, but notice he didn't say there's going to be a lot more demons. Granted, the inclusion of Constantine would seem to indicate that more ghosts, devils, and things of that nature are headed to Season 4 of the show, but Klemmer specifically mentioned wanting to get into the world of "fantastic myths and monsters." That broadens the list of mythical creatures for the Legends to vanquish quite considerably, which makes it sound as though Season 4 of Legends of Tomorrow might be even crazier than anyone can imagine at this point.

Unfortunately, Legends of Tomorrow fans might not get the full picture of just how crazy things will look in Season 4 in the Season 3 finale. Unlike last season, which teased a look ahead at how the team's actions affected the rest of the world, we already know that things are normal enough for Sara Lance to take some time off to visit Arrow in its Season 6 finale. Of course, time doesn't move linearly on Legends, so there's a chance Sara won't be so freshly removed from the Mallus conflict when she arrives in Star City, and hell, she might even provide a clue for the direction of Season 4 of the series when she's on there!

The Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 finale airs on The CW Monday, April 9 at 8:00 p.m. ET. For a list of superhero shows that can be watched once the show is over, visit our superhero premiere guide. For a look at what other shows are coming to television in the near future, visit our midseason premiere guide and summer premiere guide.

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