Arrow Is Bringing Legends Of Tomorrow's Sara Lance Back In Season 6

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Sara Lance has made quite a name for herself as the captain of the Waverider on DC's Legends of Tomorrow, but she would've never gotten there if it wasn't for Arrow. The youngest Lance sister will return to Star City in an episode on May 17, which will be the show's Season 6 finale. Sara's arrival will undoubtedly be welcomed by the city's heroes, provided she isn't bringing any more trouble with her.

Details are scant on Sara Lance's Arrow appearance in the Season 6 finale, but her arrival does raise some interesting questions. Sara hasn't been around for the whole storyline of her father trying to rehabilitate Black Siren, so how is she going to react when she sees that whole situation? One would assume with anger, as Sara probably won't be too keen on Quentin potentially trying to replace Laurel. Then again, Sara has experienced firsthand what it's like to deal with doppelgangers of people close to her, so maybe she'll be more understanding of what her father is trying to do?

Sara may also have some role to play in another storyline, as Arrow recently revealed Thea Queen is being observed by someone who knows she's the heir of Malcolm Merlyn's Ra's al Ghul. The observer will bring Sara's old flame Nyssa al Ghul to Star City and result in an event that the Arrow team teased as "unforgettable." Unfortunately, it has already been confirmed that Katrina Law is only on board for one episode of Arrow this year, so unless something changed since the announcement, the two aren't on a path for a reunion. That said, whatever drama the situation creates could draw Sara back into town, but that speculation is mostly rooted in her past with the League of Assassins.

Arrow-verse fans might also wonder if Sara's arrival is somehow tied to the events of Legends of Tomorrow, which is set to conclude well before her appearance on Arrow. Collider didn't mention whether of the other Legends were listed to appear alongside Sara, so it's possible the leader of the Waverider was able to take some time to lend a hand to her friends and family due to the team resolving that ongoing situation with Mallus. If nothing else, Sara's appearance confirms she'll survive all that Legends of Tomorrow drama, which hasn't always been a guarantee for Sara in the Arrow-verse.

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