Why The Flash's Mystery Girl Is Important To The Story

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If you're caught up with The Flash Season 4, and you don't have a stack of heated questions threatening to block your view of the TV, then color me jealous. From The Thinker's endgame to Harry's impending implosion, there are so many intriguing variables that haven't been fully fleshed-out, and perhaps the most interesting tangential enigma is the recurring Mystery Girl, as played by Jessica Parker Kennedy. We still don't know exactly who she is, but star Carlos Valdes has revealed a bit about why she's important to The Flash's story.

The mystery girl in our story is kind of a funny one. Her role is especially to lay down these little clues, these little breadcrumbs for the viewers that ultimately start paying off in terms of establishing a trajectory to Season 5. So that's I think what's going to be the big pay off when we reach the season finale.

Tighten your speculation hats, everybody, because that's one heck of a tease from Carlos Valdes. Now we know that Mystery Girl's secrets don't have strictly standalone importance, and they'll apparently play a part in bridging Season 4 with Season 5, which has apparently been coming together for a while now. And that mini-reveal, in and of itself, could be an extremely important clue about her actual identity.

Because if Mystery Girl serves as a narrative impetus for a future, as opposed to just a side-character curiosity, then her true identity could end up proving true one of the more seemingly outlandish theories kicking around. The Flash doesn't pick each season up right where the last one left off, so whatever left turns happen in the Season 4 finale will likely inspire another big change of pace for Season 5, and that could mean anything from different timelines -- some people are dead certain that Mystery Girl is Dawn Allen, possibly from 1,000 years in the future -- to dimensional shifts to a newly vengeful Speed Force. Considering how few breadcrumbs we've gotten about her, it's still really hard to say where things are going.

But Carlos Valdes does know answers, despite his attempts to keep himself out of the loop on it all. Here's what he told EW about discovering Mystery Girl's secrets for himself.

I try to be willfully ignorant about all the rumors and the reveals and all that stuff, but actors talk, actors love to talk, actors love to talk out loud. So I can't help it that some of these reveals and resolutions have made their way into my brain, and now I know. It took me a while to figure it out, but enough of my co-workers talked and now I know the secret of who she is and what her role is in this story. And it's lovely. It really is. It's cute. I'm excited about it.

Something about the way he keeps saying "cute" bothers me, but I'll drown out those thoughts with CC Jitters coffee, assuming my cup doesn't get spilled.

The Flash will introduce viewers to Janet Petty and Edwin Gauss soon, so tune into The CW on Tuesday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET. To see what other new and returning shows are on the way, head to our superhero premiere guide, our midseason premiere schedule and our summer premiere rundown.

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