The Flash Writers Apparently Already Have Season 5 In The Works

The Flash is really mixing things up in Season 4, and apparently revealing villains right off the bat and introducing new heroes is working out for them, because the writers supposedly already have Season 5's storyline in the works. That's what comic geek and occasional Flash director Kevin Smith is saying, anyway, and he has a pretty reliable source:

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We could've assumed Kevin Smith was tight enough with The Flash's co-creator Andrew Kreisberg to hear this information, considering his past directing efforts on the show, but to actually tweet it out must mean these guys both feel good about revealing Season 5 is a thing that's happening. (At least unofficially, since The CW still hasn't put in that extended renewal.) As far as why Smith has to live another year to see (or be a part of) what unfolds in Season 5 of the series, we can only speculate. (Beyond just, you know, wanting not to die in the meantime.) What got Kevin Smith so jazzed about The Flash that he would tweet so enthusiastically about next season while Season 4 is still in its early stages?

A storyline that includes references to major comic book lore is a safe bet, as Kevin Smith is always a fan of referencing past material whenever he's involved in an Arrow-verse show. It's also possible Kevin Smith asked Andrew Kreisberg where Season 4 is headed, which lead to him telling Smith that The Thinker will possibly remain Barry's foe going into Season 5. If not, for what other reasons would the two discuss Season 5 of The Flash with so little of Season 4 out of the way?

The obvious answer would seem to be that it was a business lunch, and Kevin Smith was specifically with Andrew Kreisberg to discuss returning to The Flash to direct an episode of Season 5 or a later episode of Season 4. If that's the case, this would be Smith's first time back in the director's chair for the series since Season 3's "Killer Frost" episode, which saw the birth of Caitlin Snow's troubles with her meta alter ego. If Smith was asked anything while he learned about the story behind Season 5, we can only assume from his tweet that he agreed to whatever was asked of him, which could mean Season 5's planning stages are already off to a great start!

As Kevin Smith tweets about Season 5, The Flash fans will have to patiently wade through the rest of Season 4, which airs Tuesday nights on The CW at 8 p.m. ET. For more on the series, read up on why the show decided to introduce The Thinker so early on in the show, or take a look at Katee Sackhoff looking like a complete bad ass in her villain get up she'll be rocking in an upcoming episode. For more on superheroic fall programming on television and more over the next couple of months, visit our fall premiere guide.

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