The Flash, Arrow, And Many More Renewed At The CW

Team Flash The Flash The CW

Now that spring has sprung and the summer season is drawing near, television networks have begun the emotionally charged process of canceling and renewing shows. As such, The CW just announced a massive lineup of big season renewals, which is great news for fans of the network's genre-heavy programming. The network has now officially renewed Arrow, The Flash, and the rest of the Arrow-verse shows, as well as Riverdale, Jane The Virgin, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Supernatural. That means Supernatural will reach its 14th season, which is awesomely wild.

This also means The CW's modern flagship superhero series Arrow will return for Season 7, continuing its crime drama heroics despite its high-profile cast departure in Season 6. Arrow's shift to Thursday nights didn't mark the end of the series, although viewership has not necessarily benefitted from airing in the post-Supernatural slot. Meanwhile, The Flash will head into Season 5, hot on the heels of a fourth season that changed the game from past seasons in many ways. With this guaranteed renewal, it will be interesting to see whether or not The Flash's writing team opts to return to the speedster villain formula, or if they'll head back to the drawing board with another more mentally driven villain.

Black Lightning Cress Williams Black Lightning The CW

Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, and Supergirl were all also granted season renewals, ostensibly keeping the respective fanbases' hopes alive that a five-show super-crossover could one day happen. More talk about Black Lightning's inclusion into the Arrow-verse will likely spring up in the show's between-season hiatus, but for now, it's just great to hear The CW's electrifying new heroes will return for Season 2. Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl's Season 4 renewals are welcome news as well, and time will tell if the two shows' scheduled times will get swapped once again as the fall season approaches, or if they'll both find more permanent time slots once again.

Winchester bros Supernatural The CW

Outside of the Arrow-verse, the long-running Supernatural just got renewed for Season 14, a mind-blowing achievement that came not long after the show aired its Scooby-Doo crossover, and fans are surely already wondering what craziness the series has in store for us next season. Supernatural fans aren't the only ones wondering about future mayhem, as Riverdale just got a Season 3 renewal to follow up on what has been an insane Season 2 thus far. Both shows' cult appeal has won over audiences, and it looks as though The CW is ready to ride their respective crazy trains until they completely derail.

Rebecca Bunch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend The CW

Speaking of crazy, Rebecca Bunch and the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend crew will return for what should be an interesting Season 4, potentially with a wildly different setting. With its star Gina Rodriguez having floated "final season" rumors out there recently, Jane The Virgin will join its less centered Friday-night buddy for a new batch of episodes as well, as the romantic drama gears up for Season 5. Last, and quite possibly the most lavish, The CW's rebooted Dynasty series will return for Season 2, with the Carringtons continuing to try and outwit every person that wishes to bring them down; that includes viewers, since the soapy reboot is one of the lowest-watched series of this bunch to score a renewal.

The CW's fall premieres are set to begin October 2018. For upcoming shows to watch in the meantime, check out Cinema Blend's midseason premiere guide and summer premiere guide.

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