The Advice Cagney And Lacey's Sharon Gless Has For CBS' Reboot

The original stars of Cagney and Lacey
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CBS, which recently rebooted one of its classic series with MacGyver, is planning to do the same with another series. The beloved 80's police procedural Cagney & Lacey is getting the remake treatment for an upcoming series on the eye network. The remake will star Sarah Drew (Grey's Anatomy) as Detective Cagney and Michelle Hurd (Lethal Weapon, Hawaii Five-O) as Detective Lacey. Original series star Sharon Gless, who starred as Cagney, has shared some of her advice for those behind the reboot:

Cagney & Lacey was never about cops. It wasn't about packing a rod. There are a lot of cop shows, but Cagney & Lacey was about the feelings of those two women. I hope CBS allows [the new actresses] to find that.

Sharon Gless shared her pointers with THR. The publication added that she told them CBS has not reached out to her regarding the remake. Gless' former co-star Tyne Daly has yet to share her feelings on the remake. The original series premiered in 1982 and ran until 1988. The show aired for seven seasons.

While Charlie's Angels arrived in the early 70's and set the stage for strong female friendships to be showcased further on TV. Cagney & Lacey is the first show credited for featuring prominent buddy chemistry between two leading ladies. As a series that blazed a trail on that front, there have been few series that have followed up on it. The remake may be a series that can change the trend.

The original series was a procedural. There is no word on whether the remake will feature a new crime every episode or a new case per season. The remake will switch New York out for Los Angeles, so expect a little more sunshine in the new series.

Sharon Gless' comments come as other actors have spoken out about reboots of the projects they starred in. Actor John Cusack recently spoke out on Twitter regarding news of the High Fidelity TV series remake, and Bette Middler similarly sounded off about Disney Channel's plans to remake Hocus Pocus for a TV movie.

The Cagney & Lacey reboot marks actress Sarah Drew's first role since departing from Grey's Anatomy. The remake marks the latest in a long line of TV roles for her super-busy co-star, Michelle Hurd. Hurd has recently starred on the Fox series Lethal Weapon, CBS' Hawaii Five-O, and NBC's Blindspot.

Since the Cagney & Lacey reboot has not received a season-order from CBS yet, no premiere date for the series has been set. There is no need to do any further detective work on when any new or upcoming series air. Check out our midseason and summer premiere guides to learn what other shows are coming soon.

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