Captain Cold's Final Flash Episode Will Also Feature An Arrow Villain

Team Flash has successfully stopped two nuclear disasters in Season 4, and they're on their way to preventing a third in the episode "Fury Rogue." The group will be enlisting the help of Wentworth Miller's Leo Snart (a.k.a Citizen Cold) one last time to transport the villain Fallout, who was previously stranded on Earth-15. Now, recent photos from the episode have revealed Leo and Fallout won't be the only familiar faces on The Flash episode. Arrow villain Black Siren will reappear on the series, most likely to stir up some trouble. Check her out!

Black Siren Fallout Katie Cassidy Ryan Alexander McDonald Arrow The CW

Black Siren's appearance in the episode is a bit of a surprise given that she's been hanging around on Arrow as of late and hasn't been seen on The Flash since the Season 2 episode "Invincible." Siren's presence doesn't appear to be all that helpful, as the villainess is seen alongside Fallout with a gun, and one image even looks as though she's there to rescue him. That's going to be bad news for Team Flash, who definitely don't need a villain like Fallout running off with Siren and being a part of whatever plans she has in store for him.

Those plans are sure to be teased on the Arrow episode "The Dragon," which will show Ricardo Diaz and Black Siren working to tighten their hold on Star City. A meta capable of nuclear destruction like Fallout would be a good way to maintain their iron grip on the city, and Diaz might have instructed Siren to go fetch Fallout from Team Flash. Of course, there is also that small sliver of hope that Siren might take another positive step towards a redemption arc, so while it's far more likely she's on The Flash to cause trouble, she might end up doing the right thing and helping Team Flash by the time the episode is all said and done.

Black Siren Katie Cassidy Ryan Alexander McDonald Fallout The Flash The CW

Either way, Black Siren's plan probably isn't ideal for what Fallout wants, but it's hard to argue that Team Flash has his best interests in mind either. After all, Fallout is finally back in Central City after being stranded on the vacant Earth-15 for quite a while, and it probably wasn't very much fun being stranded alone on an empty planet. Plus, Fallout is one of the last remaining metas that The Thinker has yet to obtain, so obviously, a plan that gets him out of the city might be better than whatever Barry and the crew has planned for him. After watching Team Flash unsuccessfully protect every meta he's gone after thus far, can anyone really blame Fallout for taking his chances with someone else?

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW at 8:00 p.m. ET and Arrow-verse fans can see Black Siren regularly on Arrow Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. Those looking to watch more upcoming superhero programming can get the lowdown on all things on the way with our superhero premiere guide. Those looking for a more general look at what new television is on the way can find out with our midseason premiere guide and summer premiere guide.

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