The Flash Brings Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold Back One Last Time In New Trailer

Spoilers below for the most recent episode of The Flash, so be sure to catch up before reading on.

Team Flash's ongoing war with the Thinker took some expected and unexpected turns in "Lose Yourself." For one, the villain finally took control of Ralph and his shapeshifting abilities, which DeVoe immediately put to use by morphing into his original body. And for another, DeVoe also sapped Caitlin's Killer Frost powers. So who does one call when the action is getting hot, but low temperatures are no longer plentiful? Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold, of course. Check out the soon-to-be-departing vigilante's return to his original home in the trailer below.

No one delivers Arrow-verse dialogue like Wentworth Miller does, and even though we only get a minor smattering of it in this trailer, it's still signature Captain Cold. He'll apparently be making his services available for a single day -- no more, no less -- and Barry has called up him to help transport the radiation-seeping Neil Borman, who has been doing just fine in jail without getting his powers usurped by the Thinker. So you know that any attempts to get him somewhere "safe" are going to put these characters through all shades of hell.

Not that I know how Leonard Snart is going to be a good back-up when taking on DeVoe, who's got more powers right now than Snart has snappy one-liners. One might have thought that Barry and the others would have reached out to Jay Garrick or the myriad other heroes who may have helped out just as easily, if not better. Hell, call a whole bunch of them over. because this is the Thinker, people. It's not a dance party...Dammit, Snart, I said it's not a dance party!

It wasn't that long ago when Wentworth Miller said that he would be done with the Arrow-verse after his most recent contract had run out. He also said never say never about such prospects after that, so we're not sure what to believe. Beyond the belief that Captain Cold specifically should narrate all the Arrow-verse show commercials.

The Flash, which introduced Edwin "Mr. Pocket-verse" Gauss for a short stay, will also be bringing John Diggle back soon, though we're not quite sure what that mini-crossover will entail. Tune into The CW every Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. ET, and head to our midseason premiere schedule and our summer premiere schedule to see what's on the way soon.

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