How Successful Stranger Things Season 2 Premiere Was For Netflix, According To Nielsen

The boys in Stranger Things 2

It's no secret that Netflix has changed the world of TV production. Streaming content is now a viable aspect o the genre, with both Netflix and its competitors releasing critically acclaimed and challenging new shows. While it all started with shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, the streaming service has found a flagship property with The Duffer Brothers' Stranger Things. The sci-fi period piece became an instant hit when it premiered two summers ago, and Stranger Things 2 was a major pop culture moment this past October. Netflix keeps its viewership data under wraps, but we may have an idea regarding the scope of Season 2's premiere. Spoiler alert: it was major.

While the official viewership is still private, Nielsen ratings have tried its best to acquire data regarding Netflix's ratings and popularity. From its current estimates, it appears that a massive 25 million subscribers tuned into Stranger Things during its premiere day on October 27th. This number (via ADWEEK) is millions and millions more than shows like The Crown (1.6 million), as well as movies like Bright (5.4 million).

Of course, it's important to note that these estimates are from official, and don't reflect all of the Netflix subscribers watching Stranger Things. Nielsen only monitors Netflix viewers that specifically stream content through their television; this means they utilize devices like Apple TV, Roku, or video game systems. While this method reportedly makes up the majority of Netflix's views, it also leaves some subscribers out.

Netflix users have grown accustomed to watching premium content on their TV, but the service always has mobile devices at its core. Part of Netflix's appeal is the ability to binge watch from everywhere, including your phone and computer. This is certainly the case for younger audiences, who don't necessarily need a bigger screen to enjoy shows like Stranger Things.

Overall, this data just proves that Stranger Things is in a tier of its own on Netflix. In addition to having a bigger overall premiere pool, the series also featured the most subscribers who watched the season all the way to the end. While binge watching is a major trend, it's also easy viewers to drop off if they aren't fully enthralled with a show's plot. Luckily The Duffer Brothers brought a sophomore season that helped to expand the beloved series, while also taking the characters to new and exciting places.

Because of the massive popularity of Stranger Things, the fandom has already begun asking about the show's third go. It's currently unclear when Season 3 will arrive on Netflix, although it's been reported that it may be shorter than the previous two.

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