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Gotham took a break this week, due to Fox airing NFL Draft coverage, but the bat-crazy drama didn't leave fans completely empty-handed. Another Jerome-centric trailer has dropped, and it proves that Jerome's influence will continue flooding the streets of Gotham City, regardless of whether he's alive to witness it or not. After all, there are a few others around to carry things along, including his toxin-enhanced brother Jeremiah and that non-Harley Quinn harlequin-esque weirdo, and the rest of the fanatical loons that call Gotham City home. Check out how it'll all crash together in the trailer below.

First up, we've got Jerome's last will and testament, which has been delivered to the GCPD in the form of a VHS tape he'd recorded prior to his zany death. (And apparently not too long prior, since he's got the most recent visual flairs, which makes us wonder how long it took him to find the equipment.) Jerome teases his police department wake, which we'll get to in a second, but the moment that fans will latch onto the most is his last line...

You're gonna wanna pay attention so the twist makes sense at the end. Hehehe.

Gotham has been delivering one twist after another with its Jerome/Jeremiah/Joker arc, and it looks like that won't be stopping anytime soon. Hell, even the end of that video itself had a little twist, with someone's hands entering the frame and strangling Jerome's neck. Who could that be? I'm not even sure it matters, considering he obviously didn't die from it. Maybe that'll be part of the twist!

Jerome's following obviously wants to keep the murderer's name alive, and they are apparently going to use his disinterred corpse to do that. The makeup-friendly squad apparently dug up Jerome's coffin -- buried beneath that snappy little epitaph -- and they use it to burst into the GCPD offices, where more rampant running amok will go down. That building is positively cursed, even by Gotham's standards.

gotham jeremiah harley

The Harley-lite character first showed up in the teaser for "That Old Corpse," but was presented in a much more attention-grabbing way in this trailer. We see her holding Jim at gunpoint again, but more interesting is how the trailer juxtaposed the mask with Jeremiah's, face which would seemingly be a clue that the two will work together soon, and that we might hear the words "Mistah J" come out of her mouth in the near future.

And speaking of Jeremiah, he's also got a completely confounding moment or two, and he and Bruce appear to be further developing their...acquaintanceship. Bruce is following Jeremiah through a mausoleum at one point, with Jeremiah talking about being underground for all those years, but is he speaking literally, like he was held in a bunker for a long time? Or is "underground" just meaning away from the spotlight of the circus that their parents were part of? Or, and this is hardly a "too far" guess for Gotham, was he referring to actually being dead and buried? I don't even know how that could happen, but I'm willing to learn.

Gotham is gearing up to give fans its live-action iteration on the "No Man's Land" comic book arc, and it looks like that insanity will be kicked off by what is perhaps Jerome's last grand scheme. Find out how it'll all go when Gotham airs Thursday nights on Fox at 8:00 p.m. ET. While waiting to see if it and other big shows will get renewed, head to our summer premiere schedule to see what's on the way.