What Ryan Reynolds Thinks About Donald Glover's Deadpool Series Not Happening

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The world is crazy for Deadpool, and its all thanks to years of hard work by actor Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds had been campaigning for the film to happen long before leaked test footage encouraged Fox to take a chance on it, so it goes without saying he's pretty passionate when it comes to the character and the franchise. For that reason, Reynolds said he was pretty upset when he learned Donald Glover's animated Deadpool series was canceled, as he shared his thoughts and indicated Glover may have been just the genius to tackle that character:

I would've loved to have seen what he did with that.

Ryan Reynolds thoughts echo several others who are familiar with Donald Glover, as his level of creativity appears to know no bounds. In fact, Glover's occupation as a writer/actor/rapper/singer and his success with the FX's series Atlanta almost made him seem like the ideal candidate to tackle an animated Deadpool series given just how random the character can be. Sadly, Reynolds and the rest of fans will be left to wonder, as only bits and pieces of what could've been have sprinkled to the web since the announcement of the cancellation.

Ryan Reynolds didn't mention any details to The New York Times about what may have happened if he knew anything, but Donald Glover and his brother Stephen have let a few things slip since the project's end. Glover's thoughts on the project's cancellation came in the form of a mock-script for the series and featured suggestions that FX believed his version of Deadpool to be "too black." Stephen Glover tweeted not long after that he didn't believe that was the case, but did add that an episode the two wrote that involved music superstar Taylor Swift appeared to be the "final straw" for FX regarding the two brothers take on Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds comments on Donald Glover's exit from the project are nice to hear, as his thoughts on what happened may reignite the conversation regarding the series. While there's no word on how the Glover brothers or FX is feeling about an animated Deadpool series at the moment, Reynolds publicly stating he would've liked to see the stories could always mend that bridge once again. After all, there was once a time where it was believed the Deadpool movie would never happen, so there's always a chance this project could see a comeback down the line.

The animated Deadpool series is dead, but Deadpool 2 is in theaters beginning May 18. For information regarding superhero projects coming to television, visit our superhero premiere guide. Those wishing to see a more general list of what's coming to television in 2018 can find out with our summer premiere guide.

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