Netflix Is Very Aware That Lost In Space Fans Think The Robot Is Hot

Netflix's Lost In Space is one of the few family-friendly sci-fi shows on modern television, and the platform's reinvention of the original series has been well-received by subscribers. The visual effects are a definite plus of the series, although most fans seem to think the show's robot is a bigger plus than the unique landscapes and visual effects. Netflix has finally broken its silence regarding the influx of fans who have been tweeting out how hot the series' alien robot is, and posted a video in response:

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To some, the Lost In Space Robot looks like nothing more than a bunch of metal and sharp edges, but a quick look at Twitter will show there are quite a few people who feel it's much more than that. Specifically, a lot of people seem to think its butt is perfectly sculpted and, as one Twitter user described it, "totally boinkable." Other users definitely got way more explicit with their thoughts on Will Robinson's protector, and luckily Netflix opted to keep some fans shameful tweets out of its compilation video.

The compliments have to come as a surprise to actor Brian Steele, who is the actor underneath all those nuts and bolts. Steele stands at 6' 7", and has long worked in the business of donning costumes to portray otherworldly and mythical creatures. In fact, a lot of people have probably seen him long before Lost In Space as he's the same actor who plays Sasquatch in all those Jack Links Jerky commercials:

Brian Steele has also portrayed creatures in films like Doom, Anchorman 2, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, and The Cave. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Steele's physique didn't get much love from the internet in those roles, but maybe his role as Robot will be the beautiful beginning of a new chapter in his career. If not, anyone who knows someone currently binging Lost In Space just to see the mechanical Adonis in action should really clue them into Steele's other roles. One would imagine it may persuade them and others to let their freak flag fly just a bit lower next time. That is, unless the world has some unspoken sasquatch fetish, as those commercials have been on the air for a long time.

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