4 Big Advantages Team Flash Now Has In Stopping The Thinker's Enlightenment

Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn't yet watched The Flash episode "Harry and the Harrisons."

Color me a huge fan of any episode of The Flash that contains multiple new Harrison Wells personalities, on top of the return of Katie Sackhoff's Amunet Black. Plenty of memorable moments were had -- I'm quite glad McConaugh-Wells didn't get to finish his story about that warm apple pie -- but there are more important moments to talk about. Not only did Team Flash get two weapon that they'll use to try and stop The Thinker's Enlightenment plan (so to speak), but they also realized that finding Marlize will be imperative to their quest, and they took to crowd-sourcing to take The Thinker himself down for the finale. Never a dull moment in Central City!


Killer Frost Ain't Dead, Y'all

Since Team Flash has been shedding team members this season, and with Cisco helping Wells, Barry and Caitlin went out in search of Amunet to get her assistance in defeating The Thinker, with Caitlin having an ulterior motive to use the villain's splicer tech to bring Killer Frost back. Of course, there was a mess involving the cloudy-eyed Norvok having robbed Amunet, but that was something of a Macguffin, since Amunet had been lying to her all this time. It turns out it wasn't the splicer tech that helped Caitlin gain control of Killer Frost, since it didn't work on her at all. Rather, Caitlin was her own cure in that respect, just by believing in the placebo effect.

To sidestep the troubling and aggravating elements involved here -- such as having Caitlin be so angst-filled about Killer Frost's absence, all because she just didn't believe in herself enough or whatever -- we'll just be appreciative that Caitlin now plans on looking inside herself to figure out how to bring Killer Frost back to the surface. And she'd better hurry, since DeVoe can only sit around doing nothing for so long.

Amunet's Weapon Gift

Amunet got one of her coolest moments ever tonight during the standoff with the shard-stealing Norvok, who got to go wild with his own metahuman power...a poisonous snake that comes out of his eye. Just when it looked like Amunet would use her metal powers to kill him, Caitlin convinced the villain there was still some virtue left inside her, and Norvok's life was spared. But not before Amunet totally sliced that snake up. (But uhhh, why didn't Flash or Joe quickly apprehend him or anything?)

In any case, Amunet decided to grant Team Flash a pretty major weapon in the form of a "psychic dark-matter infused metal shrapnel bomb" that Cisco is aiming to launch up in an effort to take out the satellites that DeVoe wants to use to sap everyone's smarts. Something tells me that bomb won't ever actually make it to its intended destination, and will go off here on Earth instead, since that's how things go on The Flash. But perhaps things will go as planned. And if so, I bet it's going to look pretty awesome.

Harry Realized The Thinker Misses Marlize

Cisco called upon the Council of Wells to assist in Harry's intelligence depletion, but Harry was soon booted for not being brainy enough. Which meant they had to seek out other Earths' Wells who were also removed from the Council -- a Loser's Club of sorts -- which included an Andrew Wells Clay for some reason. While these ridiculous iterations couldn't actually make Harry smarter per se, they did help him to tap into his emotional core, which we all know he'd bricked away long ago.

And because he could now grasp feelings, both his and others', Harry managed to figure out the big mystery of why DeVoe wasn't out and about antagonizing Team Flash and destroying things around Central City, which he showed it off with smiley and frowny faces on a white board. Granted, his big idea was something that fans already knew: DeVoe is even more of a broken man without his wife Marlize around, and he's been non-active because he misses her. Considering she left him over all of the incredibly heinous things he did to her and her memories, I have to assume she'd choose to join Team Flash over her husband if an ultimatum presented . Not that I think she wouldn't then try to destroy the heroes after DeVoe is gone. She's got no love for Barry Allen, that's for sure.

Iris Took The Fight To The Public

Not to be left out, Iris had a plan of her own, with the goal of putting out a giant exposé blog that exposed DeVoe's crimes as The Thinker, as well as his wicked Enlightenment plan. Why? So that Central City's citizens would be fully aware of the under-the-radar threat, so that they might be able to keep themselves safe somehow. Barry was very hesitant about letting something like that happen, since he's always far more interested in handling all of the city's problems himself.

In the end, though, Iris published her DeVoe article, and the episode's final tag revealed that not only were Central City's citizens interested in Iris' story, but they wanted to help out in any way possible. Some were claiming to have seen DeVoe around the city, giving Barry and Iris the optimism that they'll now know exactly where their enemy is at all times. Not that they actually have any way of knowing that people are telling the truth, and not just being Internet trolls. But I guess we'll find out next week if the general public can be trusted or not.

The Flash airs Tuesday nights on The CW at 8:00 p.m. ET. There are only TWO EPISODES LEFT in Season 4, so be sure to tune in to see if all of The Thinker's mysteries will be solved. The head to our season finale rundown to see what other shows are ending soon, and when that's done, our summer premiere schedule will show you all the new and returning shows that are on the way.

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