Could The Flash Bring Killer Frost Back Somehow? Here's What The Showrunner Says

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Team Flash suffered a couple of major blows in the latest episode, and perhaps none so significant as the loss of Killer Frost. Caitlin Snow's icy alter ego seems to be gone for good after a clash with The Thinker, and The Flash will have to bring somebody else in to help freeze the bad guys of Central City. A big question now is whether Killer Frost is really gone forever or if she could come back somehow. The Flash showrunner Todd Helbing revealed how Caitlin feels about possibly getting Killer Frost back, saying this:

She's on the hunt to get her back scientifically, or some other way.

Caitlin almost certainly won't regain her alter ego as Killer Frost within a single episode or two, but it sounds like she's more than interested in getting her frosty powers back. Wanting to become Killer Frost is a big departure from earlier in the series when Caitlin was desperate to get rid of that side of her. Of course, Killer Frost used to be much more of a villain who caused trouble for Team Flash whenever Caitlin transformed, and her powers were coming in quite handy in Season 4. After what happened to poor Ralph, Team Flash needs all hands on deck; it will come as no wonder if Caitlin feels driven to regain her powers.

That said, The Flash has already proven that things don't necessarily go well when characters go looking for superpowers. Wally certainly had a rough ride when he tried to become a speedster back in Season 3. While Alchemy is no longer in the picture and Caitlin would probably no better than to accept help from him anyway, she could resort to some sketchy means to try and regain her powers if she doesn't make any scientific headway. For Team Flash's sake, we have to hope that Caitlin doesn't hurt herself if she experiments with ways to get her powers back.

Really, even if Caitlin remains Caitlin with no Killer Frost in sight, Team Flash will probably need her around for her intelligence and skills as a doctor. The group may be splintered sooner rather than later due to what's going on with Harry, and the last thing they need to is be down two members of the brain trust. Todd Helbing went on in his chat with TVLine to say this about what's up with Harry:

Harry's not as clear minded as he normally is. Cisco warned him not to use the thinking cap, but he didn't listen to that advice -- and he put dark matter in it. And that's going to have a big effect on the thing that Harry values most, and that's his intelligence.

If Harry isn't operating at full capacity (and with his loyalties potentially in question), Caitlin will be very necessary to the team, Killer Frost or not. Throw in the fact that Team Flash still has to deal with outside villains (including one who will look very familiar to Flash fans who also watch Arrow), and now isn't the time for Caitlin to take risks on the chance that they could restore her powers. That said, even the smartest characters on The Flash have been known to make pretty terrible decisions, and anything can really happen at this point.

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