Outlander Season 4 Just Cast A Bunch Of New Characters

billy boyd lord of the rings

It might seem like an interminable wait until we can finally feast our eyes on Outlander Season 4, but at least we have some news on the upcoming episodes. The drama just cast a bunch of new characters, and we've got all the details for you. Outlander has cast five new characters for Season 4, which will debut in November on Starz and focus on events from the fourth book in Diana Gabaldon's series, Drums of Autumn. Let's start with a face that may be familiar to many of you.

Actor Billy Boyd, pictured above in what is probably his best known role as Pippin in The Lord of the Rings, has signed on to play the role of Gerald Forbes in Outlander's new season. Gerald is a rich lawyer in Cross Creek, North Carolina, and fans will remember that Claire and Jamie washed ashore in Georgia after the shipwreck in the Season 3 finale, so it won't take much traveling for them to come across the character. Gerald is also a good friend to one of his prominent clients, Jocasta Cameron, who just so happens to be Jamie's aunt. Boyd's other credits include Moby Dick, Macbeth and Snowfall.

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While her parents are off adventuring through the 18th century, Brianna will be getting on with life in the 1960s, and she'll have Simona Brown's Gayle by her side for some of that time. Gayle is Brianna's college roommate and best friend, though there's no word yet on whether or not Bree will take a chance and talk to Gayle about time travel. Brown's credits include A&E's Roots remake, The Night Manager and The Casual Vacancy.

tim downie upstart crow

Jamie and Claire have a tendency to encounter real life figures, and Season 4 will be no different. Tim Downie will be portraying Governor William Tyron, who ran North Carolina until 1771. William is quite ambitious and a former British officer who has used his family connections to gain his position as governor. Downie has been seen in Paddington, Toast of London, Transformers: The Last Knight and Upstart Crow.

Next, we have Natalie Simpson signed on to play Phaedre in the upcoming season. Phaedre is Jocasta's seamstress and personal maid, and is considered a trusted and valued member of her household. Most of Simpson's work has been on stage so far, but she will be seen later this year as Sister Simplice in BBC's mini-series version of Les Misérables.

Last, but not least, we have the addition of Caitlin O'Ryan to the cast as Lizzie Wemyss, a young Scottish woman who will go on a big adventure with Brianna at some point in the season. According to Entertainment Weekly, O'Ryan just graduated from the Oxford School of Drama and will be making her TV debut in Outlander Season 4.

Now, that should give all ye impatient Sassenachs enough food for thought until Outlander Season 4 hits Starz in November, ya ken? For more on what to watch in the coming weeks, be sure to check out our summer premiere guide. To see when all your favorites are wrapping up for the season, bookmark our 2017-2018 finale guide.

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