Warning: gigantic spoilers ahead for the Season 3 finale of Outlander, called "Eye of the Storm."

The Season 3 finale of Outlander has officially aired, and it was such an intense hour that it's almost hard to believe that we're heading into another hiatus without getting to see what happens as soon as possible. An awful lot happened, and the main characters are in a very different place -- literally, figuratively, and chronologically -- than they were in the beginning of the season. The good news is that "Eye of the Storm" set up Season 4 in some pretty exciting ways that should give us plenty to talk about during the upcoming hiatus. Read on for the major ways the Outlander finale set the stage for the fourth season!

Jamie And Claire Have Come To America

In a continuation of Jamie and Claire having the worst luck at sea whenever they're not getting lucky, their ship hit a terrible storm while were sailing away from Jamaica. Claire very nearly drowned after being swept overboard, and Jamie could very well have drowned diving in after her, but the two managed to float to land on a piece of debris. When they washed up on shore, they encountered some local people who had a big bombshell to drop: the duo had not arrived on one of the islands of the Caribbean. Now, they were blown all the way to mainland America. They ended Season 3 on a beach in Georgia, very far from where they ever intended to go. Outlander Season 4 could very well be an American tale.

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