First Look At Outlander Season 4 Reveals A Whole New World For Claire And Jamie

Warning: major spoilers ahead for the third season finale of Outlander. If you haven't watched the episode yet, you may want to check out some of our non-spoilery articles until you get the chance to watch.

The third season of Outlander has come to an end, and it was a wild ride from start to finish. The season began with Claire and Jamie separated by a couple of centuries, and it took a couple of decades (and a number of episodes) to reunite. The second half of the season featured the lovebirds on a journey to rescue Young Ian from pirates who kidnapped him, and the finale saw them washed up on the shore of none other than Georgia. Fortunately for those of us who are already dying for more, Outlander has released a first look at Season 4. Check it out!

In this first look at Outlander Season 4, we see Claire and Jamie sitting and snuggling on the forest floor. Neither seems to be injured or sick, which indicates that they'll be getting at least a brief break from the many terrors that have chased them over the years. In fact, they both seem reasonably neat and well-kempt. Compared to how they looked when they washed up on the shores of Georgia at the end of the Season 3 finale, they're both appearing downright dapper.

Unsurprisingly, Claire is apparently giving a little bit of a history lesson to Jamie in the clip by telling him that there are a lot of different kinds of people in the American colonies. Fans of the Outlander book series know that Jamie and Claire are going to cross paths with many different groups, some distinctly less friendly than others. That said, Claire sounds quite optimistic in the video, speaking of the American dream. Jamie himself seems to be on board with the idea of the American dream, which may point toward the Frasers making a go of life across the pond from Scotland.

It would be hard to blame them for wanting to stay in the American colonies for a while rather than sailing back to Scotland. Although John Grey was able to save Jamie from being hauled back to Scotland by Captain Leonard, Jamie does still face a warrant for treason and murder back in his homeland, and Captain Leonard may have a grudge against Jamie now. Marsali as well as Jamie and Fergus may be keen to avoid Laoghaire, as she might not have taken very well to the news of Marsali and Fergus' marriage.

For his part, Young Ian might be anxious to get more of adventure with his bold uncle rather than return to his childhood home. Besides, Jamie doesn't have his print shop or Lallybroch. Perhaps life in America could afford him the opportunity to build a home for himself and his family. Then again, Claire knows perfectly well that the Revolutionary War is only years away from their point in the timeline. After Culloden, it's very possible that Jamie and any other Scots who survived the destruction of the Artemis will be willing to do anything to avoid another war.

We'll have to wait and see. Unfortunately, the teaser doesn't give a premiere date, although we do at least know that Outlander (opens in new tab) Season 4 will debut in 2018. We can probably rule out a spring release, but perhaps a fall premiere could happen again. Season 3 debuted back in September, and it has been announced that folks behind the scenes are looking to avoid another horrendously long hiatus. Now that Season 3 has come to an end, check out our list of the ways the season finale set the stage for Season 4. For what you can watch while we wait, be sure to take a peek at our midseason TV premiere guide.

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