Brooklyn Nine-Nine Co-Creator Talks Changes Planned For Move To NBC

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When Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns for Season 6, the cop comedy will be on a different network and will run for roughly half its usual episode count. Those are not the only changes in store for the comedy as it transitions from Fox to NBC. Due to the shortened and delayed upcoming run, it stands to reason that Season 6 will not premiere until the midseason, meaning fans may have to wait until January for the show to return. Which means no episodes around Halloween...

Season 6's earliest possible premiere date is indeed happening well after Halloween has come and gone, and while that may not be a big deal for some shows, it is for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which annually puts its characters through a special gimmick that dovetails with the costume-themed holiday. So fans who love the series' Halloween Heists immediately started wondering if those beloved installments may be casualties of the network move. Series co-creator Dan Goor has weighed in on how the show may continue to deliver the Heists for fans.

The Halloween aspect is much less significant every year, so it may not matter [if it doesn't air on or near Halloween]. We're trying to figure it out because we love [those episodes]... They're some of the hardest to write [but also] some of the most satisfying. They feel like a signature of the show.

Dan Goor's answer to TV Line sounds like a fair compromise that will keep the traditional episodes' heist element intact. Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans have been through the wringer lately with worries and temporary heartbreaks, which may make concessions like this a little easier to handle. Earlier this month, it seemed the show would cease to exist entirely. When Fox cancelled the comedy, fans rallied to save the series and they won, with the Peacock network stepping in to revive it. Not having it around anymore would have been scarier than any Halloween gag.

Thankfully, the powers-that-be are listening to the fans, whose love of the twisting and turning Heist eps has not been lost on the producers. An interesting thing that Goor's comments provide insight into is how, despite the challenging nature of penning those more complexly plotted episodes, the writers endured. It is a sacrifice that is not lost on fans, who probably agree with Dan Goor regarding the episodes' trademark relevance to the show. As an overwhelming sign of their importance, the Season 5 Heist ended with Jake proposing to Amy.

Leaving the Halloween aspect behind will undoubtedly be a missed element, but keeping the heists themselves is crucial. It will be interesting for the characters to explain why they had to change the time of year the game is played. Given the change in schedule, there is still a chance to include the special amid a holiday backdrop. Wait for it...the Valentine's Heist! That holiday does involve stealing someone's heart, so it would fit with the motif, right? Sounds like a perfect first Heist for the show's newlyweds, but it's just a thought. Find out how the show handles it when it returns.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will return for its sixth season on NBC, with a release date to be revealed later. For the other shows to watch while you await its return, check out our guide to TV's summer premieres. For a closer glimpse at what to expect when summer ends, check out our 2018 network TV rundown.

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