Alyson Hannigan And More Have Joined The Kim Possible Live-Action Movie

Alyson Hannigan
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As fans may recall, a few months ago Disney Channel announced that its mega-popular animated series Kim Possible would be returning. The twist is that it would receive the live-action treatment courtesy of a brand new original movie. Fans curious to find out who will bring the characters to life have gotten more answers, as the movie just cast How I Met Your Mother's Alyson Hannigan in one of its most pivotal roles.

The actress will be playing Kim's brain surgeon mom aka Mom Possible aka Dr. Ann Possible. Talk about perfect casting! Alyson Hannigan is going to totally nail this! Hannigan's spot-on casting should put any fears that the live-action movie will not be able to bring the characters to life, a major sense of relief. Kim's mom is not the only member of the Possible family to join the ensemble.

Connie Ray has been cast as Kim's grandma, Nana Possible. Casting for Kim's rocket scientist dad James and her younger twin brothers, Jim and Tim, is still in the works per TV Line. Kim and her best friend/partner in stopping crime, Ron Stoppable, have already been cast. Newcomer Sadie Stanley will play live-action Kim, and Goldbergs' actor Sean Giambrone will star as Ron.

Live-action Kim Possible cast Sadie Stanley Sean Giambrone

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Joining the cast as new high school student, Athena, is Ciara Wilson. While Kim's childhood frenemy, Bonnie, will be played by Erika Tham. There wouldn't be a "sitch" for Kim to solve if she didn't have some villains to face off with and that's where some other exciting casting news comes into play. Taylor Ortega will play Shego, while 12 Monkeys' Todd Stashwick will bring villain Drakken to life.

Todd Stashwick 12 Monkeys

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Disney Channel is taking a huge risk trying to bring Kim Possible to life when the cartoon is the only way fans know the characters. Plus, crafting fantastical scenes with animation is a lot easier to do than it is with a live-action movie. Hopefully, the cinematographer will be shooting with a slightly surrealistic take that gives the show a sense of hyper-reality. Of course, The Flintstones was brought to life without really doing that.

The movie is set to arrive in 2019, so fans have a while to wait. As Kim would say, it is "no big." There are still some lingering mysteries, such as the involvement of computer wizard Wade, and Ron's pet naked mole rat, Rufus. The plot of the live-action movie is being kept pretty under wraps. We can probably surmise that it will follow in the series' footsteps as Kim works to save the world against impossible odds.

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