Could A Kim Possible Reboot Happen? Here's What The Star Says

Kim Possible

It's no secret that Disney has a strong library of shows from its many years producing entertainment, most of which any late 90's/early 2000's TV viewer would be happy to see come back. One of those shows is Kim Possible, and even fifteen years later the fanbase is still going strong. Almost anything can be rebooted these days, so how are the chances that Kim Possible could get the reboot treatment? Christy Carlson Romano provided the voice for the title character, and while she hasn't been beeped about a reboot, she would absolutely do it if reached.

Just being able to say that I played her is such an honor, and I really hope they bring it back someday and I get to reboot her.

Doesn't matter where, doesn't matter when; Christy Carlson Romano will be there for a reboot until the very end. MTV News spoke with Kim Possible stars Romano, Will Friedle, and Tahj Mowry for the 15th anniversary of the popular Disney cartoon. Looking back on the success of the show and what it meant to each of them personally, none of the actors would turn down an opportunity to reprise their roles in a reboot. When asked what they would like this supposed reboot to look like, all three of them would like it to pick up right where the series ended, with Kim and Ron in college and maybe getting married and having a couple of kids.

A reboot is not entirely out of the realm of possibility. Back in 2005 after Disney had initially cancelled the show, fans mobilized to successfully get Kim Possible one more season -- and this was pre-social media age. Fans wrote letters and called Disney to make that happen, which only speaks to the power of the fanbase. Back in those days, Disney had a strict rule that no series could ever pass 65 total episodes (usually about three seasons), no matter how popular the show might be. Uncancelling Kim Possible was an unprecedented move for the Mouse House, and they have never limited a show to 65 episodes ever since.

Plus, Disney is no stranger to rebooting older shows for a new audience. Girl Meets _World and Raven's Home have all gotten a second life, though, as a cartoon, _Kim Possible has a bit more creative freedom to do what it wants (like DuckTales).

In case you weren't on Disney Channel back then, Kim Possible was a cartoon that followed the adventures of teenager Kim Possible and her less competent sidekick Ron Stoppable, as they went on global missions to save the world from colorful villains while also surviving high school. With its mix of comedy, drama, action, and romance, it was a show that checked off a lot of boxes, and is frequently compared to other female-centric shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Alias. It also made naked mole rats a thing, so props.

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