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Enid in Season 8

Despite being on the air for a whopping eight seasons, AMC's The Walking Dead has remained one of the most popular shows on television. The war against Negan and The Saviors drove both the characters and the fandom for the past two years, with Season 8's finale "Wrath" finally ending the conflict. Everyone involved in TWD has teased that Season 9 will make some big changes, and the first bits of information have begun to slip out. Namely, that Katelyn Nacon's Enid will become a bigger role. When asked by the fans, The Walking Dead producers gave a definitive response, saying:

You know what? Yes, Enid actually will have a bigger role in Season 9 after being mostly relegated to Oceanside and The Hilltop in Season 8.

While The Walking Dead is likely going to take some risks with Season 9, this is a change that the fandom can get behind. Enid has becoming a more complex and interesting character over the past few seasons, and now she'll finally be able to get into the main action of the narrative.

This exciting news comes from the Walking Dead Mailbag, which is a direct way for the fans to ask questions about both the TV show and comics book series. While plenty of little tidbits and teases were given, this new information is the most concrete confirmation we've had for the show's upcoming ninth season.

Narrative wise, The Walking Dead has it easy with Enid. Like Daryl, the character doesn't exist in the comics, and therefore there are no expectations or predictions about where she might go in the future.

Season 8 saw Enid's increased loyalty to Maggie, who has essentially adopted her at this point. Rather than just flirting with Carl, she emerged as a strong independent ally who helped make a difference with Oceanside. But since she'd been primarily there and alongside Maggie at The Hilltop, we haven't seen Enid interact with the full cast or step inside Alexandria for quite some time. With the war against Negan in the past, it should be interesting to see how Enid continues to grow and develop as a character.

Although Enid isn't present in Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead comics, the character seems to have taken some inspiration from the character of Sophia. While Carol's daughter died on the show back in Season 2, she's alive and well in the comics. Sophia was adopted by Glenn and Maggie, and has a very close relationship with Carl Grimes (also still alive). The show has been known to take plenty of liberties and changes from the comics, so we'll just have to see if things shake out the same way Kirman intended-- and what happens to Enid.

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